Vegan, gluten free, low calorie pasta

I tried something new today: Zero Pasta. It’s a ‘pasta’ that is gluten free, fat free, sugar free, carb free, vegan and high in fibre. It only contains 9kcal per serving. It almost sounds impossible right? Well, it isn’t. This pasta is made from konjac flour and konjac is a plant. I was quite sceptical […]

New food video: Stuffed Avocados

Do you want to impress someone with brunch this weekend? Try these stuffed avocados! They’re super healthy and very easy to make. There’s a salmon version (as pictured), but also a vegetarian version. This healthy brunch dish is sugar free, gluten free and full of protein. A great start of your day never looked so good! […]


Thailand is a very popular holiday destination, and if you’ve ever been there you understand why. The country is beautiful, the people are friendly, prices are low and the food is great. I’ve been to Bangkok, Chiang Mai area and the Phuket area. I’ve avoided the big touristy areas as much as possible. And as […]

Tortilla Pizza

Did you think you can never have pizza if you want to lose weight or eat healthy? Think again! You can have a tortilla pizza, a tortizza! Just as tasty, much more healthy! By substituting your high-calorie pizza crust by a low-calorie multigrain tortilla wrap you can still enjoy your favorite Friday night comfort food! […]

Discount at Tea Adventure

I drink endless amounts of tea. Staying hydrated has so many health benefits. And since I love food so much, I try not to drink any calories, I’d rather eat them. So aside from the occasional glass of wine in the weekend, I mostly drink tea. On top of that I get cold easily and a nice […]

Amsterdam’s best kept secret

Feel-Food in Amsterdam West might be Amsterdam’s best kept secret. Although the locals have found it for their healthy deliveries, not many  know that you can also eat-in at this lovely healthy restaurant. They’ve got juices, smoothies and organic soda’s. And for dinner they have organic hamburgers, but also veggie and even vegan burgers. Besides that […]

Recipe: Vegan Red Beet Soup

I love it when red beets are in season, they’re cheap and tasty. They taste a bit sweet, so eating beet soup is a very healthy way to satisfy your sweet tooth. My red beet soup is vegan and full of vitamins! Check the recipe here.