New Recipe: Crunchy Tofu

I love Mexican food, but it’s mostly not very healthy and definitely not vegan! Since I’m doing a vegan challenge I wanted to make a healthy, vegan friendly Mexican dish. I was very happy with the result of my experiment! With these crunchy tofu bites I made a vegan dish that’s also gluten free. Click […]

Healthy oatmeal banana pancakes

Today it’s National Pancake Day in the Netherlands. With these oatmeal pancakes you can celebrate it in a healthy way! And I made them dairy free this time, because I’m doing a vegan challenge. So these pancakes are dairy free. sugar free, gluten free and delicious with some fresh fruit! You can find the recipe […]

Worldwide Giveaway at Freshii

Freshii is on a mission to make healthy food affordable and convenient. It started with a shop in Toronto, Canada and less than 10 years later it has branches in more than 75 cities in 15 countries.  I had my first Freshii experience in February 2016. This was because Freshii opened their first restaurant in the Netherlands. […]

Healthy Snacks

In general, I’m able to eat very healthy. I always make myself a nice, healthy  breakfast, lunch and dinner. The danger is: snacks. Especially  around 4 pm I get an appetite for a snack. I’ve noticed that it’s very difficult to buy a healthy snack at most locations. Most gas stations or shops at train […]

Easter recipe: egg pots

Easter is coming up in two weeks. These eggs in pots would look great on your easter brunch table. And they’re healthy too! They’re rich in protein,  sugar free, gluten free and dairy free. It’s also a great dish if you’re having guests for easter, you can just put these little pots in the oven and […]

Oatmeal pie with forest fruit

I told you earlier how you can have pizza for breakfast, but this might be even better: pie for breakfast! And it’s healthy too!  This oatmeal fruit pie is gluten free, sugar free and fat free. `it’s a healthy and festive way to start your day! The recipe comes from a real ‘pie queen’ called […]

Hotspots in Krakow, Poland

Although Warsaw is the capital city of Poland, I heard so many great things about Krakow that I was really curious about this city. And it is indeed a great city for a city trip! The old town is compact, making it possible to see all the highlights in a (long) weekend. And Krakow is […]