Food photography tips

Do you like to post pictures of your food on Instagram or Facebook but could you use some tips? Check out this blog post! I’m sharing my top 5 food photography tips with you. I came a long way before my pictures were what they are now and I’m still learning! On this page I’ll […]

Christmas gifts for foodies

Does your mom really like cooking? Does your brother know that ‘abs are made in the kitchen’? Does your girlfriend always cook delicious meals for you? I’ve got just the Christmas gift for them! I’ve listed my favorite Christmas gifts for foodies in this blog post. For every budget and every style you’ll find something […]

Healthy Christmas Desserts

Christmas is often associated with a lot of food, and unhealthy food too. Especially the dessert can be a real calorie bomb. You don’t have to worry about that anymore! I’ve created 3 healthy Christmas dessert recipes for you. You don’t need to feel guilty and you can still enjoy a delicious dessert during the Holidays. […]

Olives and Spices: couscousbar in Tilburg

(Scroll down to read this post in English) Tilburg heeft een primeur! De eerste CousCousBar van Nederland opende er onlangs zijn deuren. En ik mag een complete lunch voor twee personen weggeven! Lees snel verder hoe je deze lekkere prijs kan winnen! De CousCousBar heet Olives and Spices en je kan hem vinden in concept-store […]