Food photography tips

Do you like to post pictures of your food on Instagram or Facebook but could you use some tips? Check out this blog post! I’m sharing my top 5 food photography tips with you. I came a long way before my pictures were what they are now and I’m still learning! On this page I’ll […]

Christmas gifts for foodies

Does your mom really like cooking? Does your brother know that ‘abs are made in the kitchen’? Does your girlfriend always cook delicious meals for you? I’ve got just the Christmas gift for them! I’ve listed my favorite Christmas gifts for foodies in this blog post. For every budget and every style you’ll find something […]

Healthy Christmas Desserts

Christmas is often associated with a lot of food, and unhealthy food too. Especially the dessert can be a real calorie bomb. You don’t have to worry about that anymore! I’ve created 3 healthy Christmas dessert recipes for you. You don’t need to feel guilty and you can still enjoy a delicious dessert during the Holidays. […]

Olives and Spices: couscousbar in Tilburg

(Scroll down to read this post in English) Tilburg heeft een primeur! De eerste CousCousBar van Nederland opende er onlangs zijn deuren. En ik mag een complete lunch voor twee personen weggeven! Lees snel verder hoe je deze lekkere prijs kan winnen! De CousCousBar heet Olives and Spices en je kan hem vinden in concept-store […]

The Happiness Bakery

I was already a big fan of The Happiness Cafe in Eindhoven, a lunchroom with many vegetarian options, and now they’ve opened up The Happiness Bakery a stone’s throw away. This spot is located in the beautiful concept store Hutspot. It’s the perfect place to sit down with a cup of coffee or tea and to enjoy […]

My favorite hotspots in Haarlem

Haarlem is a very nice city just a stone’s throw away from Amsterdam. I’ve selected my favorite healthy hot spots in Haarlem for you. All these lunchrooms and restaurants are healthy but delicious. I’ve included vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options. Curious? Read the Haarlem Blog! If you’re looking for my tips in Amsterdam you […]

Which vegetarian food box suits you?

The food box is very popular. More and more people are discovering the convenience of such a “meal box” full of fresh products with which you can prepare 3 or more delicious meals. And also for vegetarians there are some options: a wide range of food boxes with only vegetarian recipes. This blog contains all relevant information […]

Recipe: coffee date bread

(Klik hier om dit recept in het Nederlands te lezen) I’ve got a new favorite after banana bread and it’s this coffee date bread! It’s a delicious, healthy snack with less than 100 calories per slice! It’s high in carbs, so it’s a perfect snack for before or during a work-out! I saw this recipe for coffee […]

Review: Eet als een Atleet

(Because the book is only available in Dutch, I’ve written this review in Dutch) Mensen die mij kennen weten dat ik een enorme fan ben van het boek Eet als een Expert. Dit boek vertelt je wat gezond eten is op basis van wetenschappelijke onderzoeken. Het is een verademing in deze wereld van valse claims […]

New Lebanese restaurant in Utrecht

I love Lebanese food! I’m very happy that a new Lebanese restaurant has opened up in Utrecht! Comptoir Libanais is a restaurant that you might know from London as they have several branches there. They just opened up their first restaurant outside of the UK and Utrecht in the Netherlands is the lucky city! You can find […]

Cute food ideas

I don’t know why you shouldn’t play with your food. I love creating playful and cute food. All these cute food ideas are great to make for and/or with kids. For example in a school holiday or fir a kids birthday party. But I have to admit that I as an adult like them just […]

Jumbo opens first supermarket at train station

Jumbo has just opened up their very first supermarket at ta train station. The supermarket is called Jumbo City and has opened up in Eindhoven. It’s a shop where you can get snacks for on the road, but also groceries and sandwiches from LaPlace. Their freshly prepared food includes sushi, fresh juices, yogurt from a […]

New recipe: easy apple galettes

Do you remember the Cherry Galette recipe I shared recently? I’ve created another easy galette recipe! This time I used apples. This apple galette recipe is also super easy to make, you’ll only need 3 ingredients and sugar or butter aren’t one of them! Quickly check the recipe here! Like my Facebook page to never […]

Coming to Amsterdam: Matcha Bar

This December a really cool dessert shop will open at the Albert Cuyp market in Amsterdam. Get ready for Matcha Bar! Matcha Bar will offer desserts and coffees made with Matcha. Matcha is a green tea powder from Japan that gained popularity since it became known that it’s very high in antioxidants. In Japan most people […]

New hotspot in Arnhem!

A new restaurant in Arnhem has just opened up and trust me: you want to go here! The interior is really cool with a pink part on one side and an ‘jungle’ part with many plants on the other side and overall a lot of copper. As you might have guessed by the picture above […]

New recipe: cherry galettes

Cherry galettes look like beautiful pastries but they’re very easy to make with this recipe! Galette is a French term for a flat round pie. You can make them with all kinds of fruit like apples, peaches, or my favorite: cherries. You can make your own galette crust with flour, but with this recipe it’s […]

New Pumpkin Pizza from Magioni

I love healthy versions of junk food! You can still enjoy a comforting meal without a huge calorie intake. I made a healthy burger, vegan fish and chips and I often make healthy pizzas! One of my favorite products at the supermarket are the Magioni pizza bases. Magioni makes it very easy to create a healthy pizza! […]

New recipe: Kale Pesto

As you mostly buy kale in large amounts, I often have kale leftovers. I was looking for recipes for kale when I found out that you can make pesto with it! Kale has many health benefits and it’s a lot cheaper than basil, so I found it a great invention to make kale pesto. Besides that, […]

Win free peanut butter

This one is for the Dutchies! Je kan nu 2 potjes pindakaas naar keuze van Zoete Moed winnen! Yvette van Zoete Moed maakt haar pindakazen helemaal zelf en laat zien dat je er echt geen olie, suiker of zout voor nodig hebt. Ze heeft allerlei verschillende smaken zoals venkel, chili, kaneel en Sport met extra […]

My favorite avocado recipes

November is Avocado month and Amsterdam has been crowned Avocado Capital of Europe. The perfect excuse to share my favorite avocado recipes with you for some avocado inspiration! As you might know, I love avocado! I eat it almost daily (my favorite on-the-go lunch is a avocado-hummus sandwich) and I even have a phone cover […]

Roots Rotterdam Autumn Menu

When you think of the restaurant of the Hilton Hotel you might think of very fancy and expensive dinners. While I do think the dishes are quit fancy, Restaurant Roots at the Hilton Hotel in Rotterdam is very reasonably priced. For only 37 euros you’ve got a three-course menu and for just another 18 euros […]

Rabo Inspiratie avond

(sorry, this post is only available in Dutch) Op dinsdag 31 oktober organiseerde de Rabobank van Tilburg een Rabo Inspiratie avond in het teken van Food. Er was een programma voor jongeren in de kleine zaal en het reguliere programma was in de grote zaal. Ik was gevraagd als een van de sprekers bij het […]

Restaurant Lucebert, Tilburg

(Sorry, this post is only available in Dutch) Ik ben een echte cultuurliefhebber en al vaak in de schouwburg in Tilburg geweest maar nog nooit had ik vooraf bij restaurant Lucebert gegeten. Lucebert is het restaurant dat in het gebouw van Theaters Tilburg is gelegen en van de week at ik er voor het eerst. […]

New recipe: Hasselback Pears

These Hasselback pears are a perfect healthy dessert for autumn and winter because of the ginger and cinnamon that I’ve used. And they look nice too with their thin slices! Quickly check the recipe here or watch the food video below to see how I made them. Click here for more healthy desserts. Like me on […]

Healthy hotspots in Utrecht

Utrecht is the most centrally located city in the Netherlands, but not the most innovative one if it comes to food. Many restaurants still serve the traditional menu they’ve had for years. Luckily there are a few gems in this city. On this page are my recommendations if you want to have a healthy lunch or dinner […]

Win a giftcard for Tarte Tatin

(scroll down for English) We houden allemaal wel van een taartje op zijn tijd. En als je jezelf dan toch gaat verwennen, dan wil je dat het écht lekker is! En als het nog gratis kan ook, ben je natuurlijk helemaal blij. Daarom geef ik nu twee tegoedbonnen voor Tarte Tatin in Tilburg weg! Eigenaresse […]

Granola isn’t always healthy

All those granola breakfast bowls you see on social media might look very healthy, but most granolas contain sugar and sweeteners. Double check the package before you buy your granola to see how healthy it really is. Skip the ones with sugar, honey or syrup. Also the more healthy sounding sweeteners are still sugars. Your […]

Sign language cafe opens in Amsterdam

The first sign language cafe of the Netherlands just opened up in Amsterdam. At Sign Language Coffee Bar you can only order in sign language! Only deaf people work at this coffee bar but it’s a great place for both the hearing and the hearing impaired to meet each other. A few years ago Bas […]

FoodExplore: Food hall in Utrecht

After Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague there’s finally a food hall in Utrecht! And it’s has a unique location and unique concept. The food market is called FoodExplore and it’s housed in The Wall, a building that you might have seen when driving on the A2 highway. The concept is also different than other food […]