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Sign language cafe opens in Amsterdam

The first sign language cafe of the Netherlands just opened up in Amsterdam. At Sign Language Coffee Bar you can only order in sign language! Only deaf people work at this coffee bar but it’s a great place for both the hearing and the hearing impaired to meet each other. A few years ago Bas […]

Vernieuwde HEMA in Tilburg

(Scroll down for English) De HEMA in mijn woonplaats Tilburg is wekenlang dicht geweest voor renovatie. Ik merkte toen pas hoe vaak ik er kwam want ik miste hem enorm. Van babykleertjes voor vriendinnen tot mooie bakjes voor mijn food foto’s; ik ben blij dat hij weer open is! Ik mocht vandaag als een van […]

Stuffed Portobellos with mozzarella

Need an easy vegetarian dinner recipe for 1? You’ve found it! These stuffed portobello’s are easy to make and a perfect portion for 1 person. Just double the ingredients if you’re cooking for two, or save this recipe for when you’re eating alone! Ingredients: 2 portobellos 1/2 package mozzarella cheese 6 cherry tomatoes 1 tbs […]

Highlights of August

Oh August, what a wonderful month you have been. I’m going to share my personal highlights with you in this post from my trip to Croatia and Slovenia to the food tour that I organized and from my most popular Instagram picture to some food news from this month! Vacation Did you also go on […]

New Travel Blog: Fiji

I actually didn’t plan to go to Fiji, but when I was in New Zealand I discovered it was a reasonably short flight from there. I figured I would never be this close to Fiji again so I just booked a ticket for a few days later and left. Check out what I did on Fiji and […]

Food Blogger Tour Tilburg

(To read about Tilburg in English click here) Ik heb zo’n leuke dag gehad vandaag dat ik meteen achter de laptop ben gekropen om er een post over te schrijven. Ik heb vandaag 8 food bloggers mee op een tour genomen door mijn woonplaats Tilburg. Ik heb ze kennis laten maken met een paar van […]

Recipe: Unicorn Ice Cream Bars

Aren’t these Unicorn Ice Cream bars super cute? They’re really easy to make and I’m sure everyone will love them! They’re also great to make with kids, or as a treat for a birthday party. But to be honest I served them to adults and they all loved it too. I mean, who doesn’t love […]

Restaurant SYR in Utrecht

Did you already go to SYR in Utrecht? It’s such a wonderful initiative that I want to tell you all about it! SYR has started to involve refugees more with Utrecht and the Netherlands. It’s an initiative by GYS, another food favorite of mine in Utrecht because of their many vegetarian options (you can read […]

Review en winactie: De FIT Methode

(Sorry for my International visitors but this post is in Dutch) Deze maand is de FIT Methode gelanceerd, een boek van Dit boek is ideaal voor mensen die af willen vallen, spiermassa willen opbouwen of fitter willen worden. Ik heb als een van de eersten een exemplaar ontvangen zodat ik hem kon reviewen. En ik […]

Vote for me in the Saveur Blog Awards

With over 12.000 followers my Instagram account is my most popular social media account. You would make me very happy if you vote for my account in the Saveur magazine blog awards! You can do so at In the url box you can post: and for the categorie you can choose ‘best food Instagram’. […]

Birthday giveaway

YAY it’s my birthday! I’m celebrating with a giveaway on my Facebook page. You can win these 4 packages of new organic Celestial Seasonings teas! Check to see how you can win. Good luck! Feeling festive as well? Click here for the recipe of this apple flower pie.

5 random facts about me

This is me, caught in the act! Let me tell you a bit more about me. I usually only share food or travel pics but I wanted so show you a little bit of the woman behind the blog, so I decided to share 5 random facts about myself. 1) Besides blogging, I work part-time […]

Eat breakfast and win

I started this website to motivate and inspire people to take good care of themselves. One of the ways I’m taking good care of myself is by starting the day with a healthy breakfast. I always add at least 1 piece of fruit to my breakfast, but often it’s even more. This way I already […]

Highlights of June

It’s already July! Don’t you feel like time flew by this month? I hope you had a lot of fun and did some great things in June. In this blog post I’m sharing some of my favorite moments in June, some food news of last month and my most popular posts from June.    June […]

Mother’s Day

(Klik hier om deze post in het Nederlands te lezen) It’s almost Mother’s day! Do you also have a really sweet mom? I do! I’ve always had a good relationship with my mother. Two years ago we went to Dubai and Thailand  and we often go shopping in Eindhoven or Breda. Last year I moved back to […]

1 year blogiversary!

Hurray! It’s my first blogiversary! Exactly one year ago I started this website. To celebrate I’m making the healthy blueberry cheesecake bites from my blog. I think these blueberry cheesecake squares are so cute! They’re easy to make, healthy, vegan and a perfect small snack or dessert! The great thing is that you can just […]

Inside a foodies kitchen

Exciting times! I’ve just moved in with my boyfriend. I’ve left Amsterdam to live in Tilburg, a smaller city in the south of the Netherlands. It’s all a big change and I sure miss Amsterdam. But I’m very happy to live with my love of course and our new house is great! I thought this […]

Give away: Arab Food Lovers Box

I’ve reached 7000 followers on Instagram! Reason for a party, and by party I mean a giveaway! To celebrate I’m giving away an Arab Food Lovers box to one of my Facebook fans! This box contains three middle eastern recipes and all the ingredients you need to make the tasty dishes. You’ll find the recipes […]

Epigenetics and Longevity

  I had a very interesting workshop last week from Healthy Life Lab about epigenetics and longevity. Epigenetics is about how you can influence your genes and longevity is about how you can live long in good health. Both subjects were very interesting, so I would like to share a quick recap of this workshop with you. […]


(Sorry international visitors, this one is for the Dutchies only) Wauw! Ik heb bijna 1000 volgers op Instagram! Dat vier ik met een hele gave winactie. In samenwerking met Biobite mag ik een doos met 6 Biobite repen verloten onder jullie! Biobite maakt gezonde repen die perfect zijn als tussendoortje. De repen zijn biologisch, suikervrij, […]

Anne Travel Foodie

Welcome to my new website. My name is Anne and I love to travel and I love to eat good food. At this website I’ll post healthy recipes and I’ll blog about my travels. I hope it’ll inspire people to eat well and travel often! *This website is still under construction*