New recipe: Kale Pesto

As you mostly buy kale in large amounts, I often have kale leftovers. I was looking for recipes for kale when I found out that you can make pesto with it! Kale has many health benefits and it’s a lot cheaper than basil, so I found it a great invention to make kale pesto.
Besides that, this kale pesto is also super easy to make as you only have to put all the ingredients in a blender or foodprocessor and you’re done!
The kale pesto tastes great with spaghetti, but I’ll tell you more on that later.recipe kale pesto
First I’ll share the ingredients with you. Only 5 ingredients is all you need:
250 grams kale
1 clove garlic
5 tbs olive oil
50 grams grated parmesan cheese
2tbs Roasted pine nuts
Put all the ingredients in a foodprocessor or blender until you have a smooth texture.
You can serve this kale pesto as a spread with some bread the next time you have friends over (click here for more healthy spreads)
recipe spaghetti kale pesto
And as I said it also tastes great with spaghetti! All you need to add is some garlic and some fresh herbs like parsley. Always pick wholewheat spaghetti as it’s much healthier than regular pasta!You might also like:
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