Freekeh Salad

Let’s get freaky… errm I mean freekeh Freekeh is relatively new in Europe, but the bigger supermarkets or your local Arabic shop should have it. Freekeh is a grain made from green wheat. Freekeh, sometimes spelled frikeh or called farik, is very high in fiber. This recipe is vegetarian and vegan, but if you like […]

STOP…. Hummus Time!

Today I had brunch at Sir Hummus, a really nice Hummus restaurant in Amsterdam. They are located in the nice ‘de Pijp’ area. I enjoyed it so much, that I’ve added them to my list of healthy restaurants in Amsterdam straight away! Sir Hummus is run by 3 Israeli’s, so you know that their hummus […]

Apple Galore

I just posted another healthy recipe with apples. I hope you like them as much as I do! This healthy apple cake contains no sugar or butter. It’s a perfect guilt-free snack!  

Anne Travel Foodie

Welcome to my new website. My name is Anne and I love to travel and I love to eat good food. At this website I’ll post healthy recipes and I’ll blog about my travels. I hope it’ll inspire people to eat well and travel often! *This website is still under construction*

Day trips from Tallinn

Rented a car in Tallinn and want to go on a little road trip? There are several options for a day tour from Tallinn. Basicly you have two very nice options. One is heading South West. This way you can see the waterfalls, the ruin and end up in fishertown Haapsalu. The other option is […]

Best vegetarian food spots in Tallinn

Traditional Estonian cuisine mostly consists of meat but luckily there are many vegetarian and even vegan options in Tallinn! On this page I’m sharing all my favorite vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurants in Tallinn. Vegan Inspiratioon Located just within the walls of Tallinn’s old town, Vegan Inspiration serves salads, burgers, wraps and mains. All vegan […]

How does an Onsen work?

You might want to visit an Onsen (Japanese sauna) while you’re in Japan. Since it’s a bit different than visiting a spa in Europe, I’ll explain how an Onsen works on this page. I’ll tell you what an Onsen is, what it looks like, what you need to bring and what the rules and etiquettes […]

What to do in Tokyo when it rains

It’s always a bit of a shame when it rains when you’re on vacation. Maybe you’re in Tokyo in fall or winter, or you just have a bad weather day in summer. Luckily you’ll have plenty to do if you’re in Tokyo on a rainy day. I’ve listed all my tips on this page, You’ll […]