Olives and Spices: couscousbar in Tilburg

(Scroll down to read this post in English) Tilburg heeft een primeur! De eerste CousCousBar van Nederland opende er onlangs zijn deuren. En ik mag een complete lunch voor twee personen weggeven! Lees snel verder hoe je deze lekkere prijs kan winnen! De CousCousBar heet Olives and Spices en je kan hem vinden in concept-store […]

Recipe for when you don’t feel like cooking

Sometimes you just have had a busy day, you’re tired or your short on time. Those days it’s quite easy to buy a quick microwave meal, tv-dinner or take-out. But (as you probably know) those aren’t your healthiest options. Take-out and delivery often hardly contain any vegetables, and microwave meals often contain a lot of […]

Spring Couscous

I love couscous! It’s healthy, easy to digest and you can vary endlessly with it. Another great thing is that you can eat it both warm as cold, like a salad. So couscous is great for picnics in the park or your packed lunch. On this page I’ve shared my favorite couscous recipes with you.

Pink couscous

Valentines day is coming up! You might have already seen my vegan 3 course valentines day menu. But tonight me and my love are eating this pink couscous. The color really suits valentines eve and it’s healthy, vegan and super easy to make. Click here for the recipe. Happy valentines weekend everyone!

Superfood Couscous

Sometimes I surprise myself with a new combination. This time it was time for some Dutch-Moroccan fusion! This healthy kale and couscous dinner is vegetarian and vegan. Maybe I should call it kalekale The recipe is online on the  Healthy Dinner section of my website.


(Sorry international visitors, this one is for the Dutchies only) Hebben jullie de IKEA Food Challenge al voorbij zien komen? IKEA is op zoek naar een nieuw gerecht voor hun restaurants, en jij kan de uitdaging aan gaan! Ik doe in ieder geval mee en ga de komende weken verschillende gerechten maken met ingredienten uit […]