My favorite hotspots in Haarlem

Haarlem is a very nice city just a stone’s throw away from Amsterdam. I’ve selected my favorite healthy hot spots in Haarlem for you. All these lunchrooms and restaurants are healthy but delicious. I’ve included vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options. Curious? Read the Haarlem Blog! If you’re looking for my tips in Amsterdam you […]

My favorite hotspots in Tilburg

Tilburg is booming! More and more (healthy) lunchrooms and restaurants are opening up in the 6th biggest city of the Netherlands, making it a more appealing city to visit. It’s only 90 minutes by train from Amsterdam or Antwerp. And even though in the past Breda and Den Bosch were the cities in Brabant that […]

Veggie restaurant in Eindhoven: Bij Albrecht

I discovered a new vegetarian restaurant in Eindhoven: Bij Albrecht. They’ve been open for 6 months now and are one of those restaurants that I really love. Mostly because they serve delicious vegetarian and vegan food but also because of the story behind it. Bij Albrecht is owned by young couple Manfred and Bernadette. He’s […]

Healthy hotspots in the Netherlands

All my (healthy) food spots in Amsterdam can be found at:, but I’ve also made a page about healthy lunchrooms and restaurants in other cities in The Netherlands. If you’re going to Arnhem, Breda, Den Bosch, Den Haag, Eindhoven, Leiden, Nijmegen, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Haarlem or Tilburg anytime soon: check out this page. If you have any […]

New cookbook: veganize it!

I’ve got a new favorite cookbook! It’s called ‘Veganize it’ or, since I’ve received the Dutch version: Veganistisch koken. Written by Celine Steen from and Joni Marie Newman from The book isn’t only packed with vegan recipes, it also gives you very useful tips on how to replace animal products by plant based […]

Overnight Oatmeal

If there’s one recipe online that is very popular with healthy food bloggers all over the globe; it must be overnight oats. And it’s understandable why. It’s vegan, gluten free, very healthy and even though the name suggest otherwise, it’s easy to make. There are many variations but I’ve shared my favorite version with you. You […]

Parelgort met spinazie en amandelen

(Click here for the English recipe) Goed nieuws voor alle gezonde foodies: Lassie heeft weer biologische parelgort in hun assortiment. Parelgort is enorm gezond, het bevat veel vitamines en fosfor en kan je cholesterol verlagen. Lassie daagde me uit om een gerecht met parelgort te maken. Ik maakte er een heerlijke vegetarische maaltijd van. Eet […]


(Sorry international visitors, this one is for the Dutchies only) Hebben jullie de IKEA Food Challenge al voorbij zien komen? IKEA is op zoek naar een nieuw gerecht voor hun restaurants, en jij kan de uitdaging aan gaan! Ik doe in ieder geval mee en ga de komende weken verschillende gerechten maken met ingredienten uit […]