Vegan sweet potato gnocchi

New recipe online: vegan sweet potato gnocchi.
I love gnocchi, this potato pasta has such a great taste. I’ve been thinking of making my own gnocchi for quite a while, since I love cooking and homemade food always tastes better.
I wanted to make a sweet potato version. I just think sweet potatoes have a richer taste than regular potatoes and they have less carbs and calories so that’s an extra benefit!
As you might know I’m eating more plant based nowadays. so I wanted to make a vegan gnocchi. It almost sounded impossible at the start, because everyone told me that you will need eggs to make gnocchi. But I was determined, so I’ve created a vegan sweet potato gnocchi recipe. It’s healthy and super tasty. I didn’t miss the eggs at all and I loved the sweet potato flavor.
Click here for the recipe and step-by-step pictures.

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