Healthy Blissballs


Yum! Blissballs are such a great snack. I love taking a few of them with me to the movies.
These bliss balls are vegan and gluten-free. If you use maple syrup instead of honey, they’re vegan too. 
Below is the recipe for the date/coconut bliss balls in English.

Ingredients (for 15 bliss balls):
* 65 gram (2.3oz) grated coconut
* 1 tbs coconut oil
* 2 tbs honey
* 80 gram (3oz) chopped dates
* splash of water

Keep half of the chopped dates aside and mix all the other ingredients in a blinder or food processor. Roll 15 balls from the dough and put the pieces of date in them.
That’s all! You’re done! You can keep them in the fridge if you’re not going to eat them straight away.


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