Anne de GraafMy name is Anne de Graaf, I live in the Netherlands and I love to travel and to eat good food. On this website I’ll blog about these two passions.

I’ve visited over 55 countries and I’m sharing my travel experience with you to inspire you and give you practical tips. Everything I write about is based on my own positive experience with places, restaurants or activities. As a ‘foodie’ I’ll tell you where to eat (healthy) at the destinations that I’ve visited.

I’ve always been into cooking and baking and now that I’m getting older, I find myself more and more into healthy food. It started with cutting meat and added sugar and since my vegan challenge I’m trying to eat more plant based. All the recipes on my website are sugar free and meat free. Many of my recipes are gluten free, vegan, dairy free, paleo, raw or fat free. And all of them are healthy!

I hope that this website inspires you to see more of the world and to take good care of your body by eating good foods.

You can reach me at, like me on Facebook and follow my on Instagram @anne_travel_foodie.

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Anne Travel Foodie