Breakfast Trifle

south end granola breakfast trifle
I love making desserts for breakfast! This way you make your breakfast a little party in the morning. I’ve made pie for breakfast so I knew it’s possible to turn a dessert into breakfast.
I’ve made trifles for dessert before, like my oreo trifle, so now it’s time to make a breakfast trifle!
You can use whichever ingredients you like to make a breakfast trifle, so you can vary endlessly.
For this version I’ve used granola, tangerines and vanilla quark.

Take a high glass and start with a layer of granola. I used South End granola. Cover with two tablespoons of dairy of your choice. I used a plant based vanilla quark. Cover with half a tangerine. Add one more tablespoon of granola and the other half of the tangerine. Top your breakfast trifle with one more big scoop of dairy.

Enjoy your dessert for breakfast!
breakfast tifle granola tangerine quark
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