Healthy cookie dough




Healthy cookie dough is the best! You can shape them into balls like the picture above, or for a spectacular dessert you can make chocolate cups filled with cookie dough (see picture below).

For the cookie dough just mix 1 can of chickpeas with two big spoons of nut butter (I used Peanut butter Light) and fold in some raw cacao nibs. Optionally you can add some sweetener or vanilla essence, but for my it was already sweet enough.

For the chocolate cups, just melt extra dark 85% chocolate au-bain-marie and slowly pour it into muffin tins, but them in the fridge to harden. You might want to repeat it once or twice to get stronger cups.

You can save the cookie dough  (cups) in the freezer, and take them out about 30/60 minutes before serving.








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