Healthy Strawberry Cheesecake


I think I could start a new website with just healthy cheesecake recipes 🙂
I love cheesecake, and I love healthy cheesecakes even more! I love it that you can have cake for breakfast, or at any other time of the day, without feeling guilty.

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This strawberry cheesecake has no fat, no sugar (except from the strawberries) and is high in fiber.
You can store it in the freezer and just take a part out an hour or so before serving.

Below is the recipe for a small pie plate.

For the crust I mixed 25 grams mulberries and 25 grams of dates (you can also use 50 grams of dates if you don’t have mulberries). I put it in the food processor with 1 slice of dark rye bread (roggebrood). This is a Northern European thing, so hopefully you’ll be able to find it if you’re not living there! Optionally you can add 1 table spoon of mixed spice for the crust. In the Netherlands they have ‘koek en speculaaskruiden’ that is really good, in England they call it mixed spice and in America you might want to add ‘pumpkin spice’. If you don’t have any of this, cinnamon will do as well.
Put the crust mixture in the pie plate and freeze it while you make the second layer.
I used 500 grams of 0% fat quark strawberry taste (for the Dutchies: I used Optimel kwark) and 6 gelatin leaves.
For the strawberry swirl, I put a handful of strawberries in the food processor and drizzled it on top. You can use a small knife to create the ‘swirl’.

Enjoy your guilt free pie!






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