Hotel De Gevangentoren, Vlissingen

One of the most unique hotels in the Netherlands is Hotel de Gevangentoren Vlissingen in Zeeland. This hotel at the Dutch coast is located in a former prison tower (Gevangentoren means Prison Tower in Dutch). The old tower is completely restyled into a romantic hotel with only one suite. On this page I’m telling you all about Hotel de Gevangentoren in Vlissingen.

De Gevangentoren in Vlissingen is build around 1490 and used to be part of a larger complex. There used to be two towers and a gate in between. The prison tower was then called ‘Westtoren’ (West Tower).
Around 1560 the city of Vlissingen grew, and a new tower was build more Westward at the new city border. The West Tower got a new function in 1610 to serve as a prison. That’s where it got its current name: the Prison Tower.

Nowadays de Gevangentoren has a terrace on the ground floor, a restaurant on the first floor and the second floor and the tower are now a hotel suite. If you book the suite at the Gevangentoren in Vlissingen you’ve got the former prison tower all to yourself. They’ve only got one suite on the two upper floors. So they’re all yours!

I stayed here as a Birthday gift when my boyfriend wanted to surprise me with a romantic getaway in an Instagrammable hotel. It was really unique and amazing.
On the first floor of the hotel suite you’ve got a kitchen, dining table and living room area. There’s a fridge and a tv, so you don’t even need to go anywhere else when you’re staying at the Gevangentoren. You’ve got everything you need right there.
You also got a 360 degree balcony on this floor. With views over the boulevard of Vlissingen and the sea. There’s also a table and two high chairs so that you can have a drink outside with sea view on warm days.

In the tower you’ve got the bedroom and the bathroom. The bed is on a platform so that it’s high enough to watch the sea while sitting in bed. The ceiling is from glass so you can look all the way up in the tower, making it one of the most unique views I ever had from a bed!
They even put up Christmas lights in the tower that you can switch on to make it look like you’re sleeping under the stars.

In the morning the staff of the hotel will put a nice breakfast on a tray in front of your tower door. You can enjoy it at your dining table in the room with some coffee or tea that you can make in the room as well.

Click here to book your room at De Gevangentoren in Vlissingen.

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