Recipe Vegan Nutella Cheesecakes

I made vegan Nutella Cheesecakes and I’m sharing the recipe with you on this page. I love making healthy and vegan versions of cheat-meals, so these Nutella cheesecakes are no difference. There’s no added sugar, gluten, butter or dairy in these cheesecakes.
Nutella is very popular and you might like this spread too, but it’s really unhealthy. There’s only a very small amount of chocolate and hazelnuts in it and a large amount of sugar and oil. With these homemade Nutella cheesecakes you can still enjoy the flavor of Nutella, without the large amount of calories. Quickly read on to see my recipe for these vegan Nutella Cheesecakes.

Vegan Nutella Cheesecakes
Ingredients for 6 Nutella cheesecakes:
12 dates (medjool), pitted
100 grams almonds
100 grams hazelnuts (raw, pealed)
2 tablespoons cacao powder
4 tablespoons coconut milk
1 tablespoon agave syrup (or dat paste or maple syrup)
1 drop of vanilla liquid stevia (or 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract)

Put the hazelnuts in a bowl of water. Mix the almonds and dates in a food processor and mix until finely crumbed and combined. Divide the mixture over 8 muffin tins (if you use a silicone tray you don’t have to line it with parchment paper). Put in the freezer to set.
Drain the hazelnuts, clean the food processor and add the hazelnuts. Mix until a smooth paste has formed. Add the cacao powder, coconut milk, agave syrup and vanilla stevia. Mix until smooth. Poor the mixture over the almond-date base. Put in the freezer to set.
You can save them in the freezer, take them out 30-60 minutes before serving.

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