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You might know that I’m quite proud of my region Brabant when it comes to gastronomy and hospitality. There are so many innovative initiatives in Brabant and there are no less than 20 Michelin stars present in Brabant. One of the restaurants with a Michelin star is Restaurant Noble in Den Bosch. I visited Noble when they had a special asparagus day. As I love asparagus, I thought it would be a perfect day for my first visit to Restaurant Noble.

Restaurant Noble is conveniently located on the edge of the city center of Den Bosch. It’s within walking distance of the train station but also close to the highway. This also makes it a great restaurant to meet up with your business partners from other areas of the country.
You can find Noble in a beautiful villa. There are free parking spots on the terrain.

When you enter Restaurant Noble in Den Bosch you’ll first see the wonderfully big wine cabinet. Although it’s more a ‘wine walk-in closet’. The wines are nicely displayed and kept in the right temperature.
Next up is the bar and the open kitchen. The bar is the center of the restaurant and besides a drink, you can even enjoy your dinner at the bar. The open kitchen shows that they have nothing to hide at Noble as you can see how the chefs prepare everything.
Thereafter you’ll walk into the spacious dining area. Before the windows are colored panels so that you won’t sit in direct sunlight as that can get very warm in summer. I also loved the illumination with all kinds of small lamps at the ceiling.

Edwin Kats, Patron-Cuisinier of Restaurant Noble, has worked all over the country and in fact all over the world. Before he started Noble in Den Bosch he worked in China. He started Noble 6 years ago and they received a Michelin star since 2016. Noble stands for honest products, not too much fuzz but recognizable dishes. They serve dishes with ingredients and flavor combinations from all over the world. Each dish is a bit smaller than a regular main course so that you can order a few and taste more.

There are some asparagus dishes on the menu at Restaurant Noble in Den Bosch, but there are also still plenty of other dishes. We however went for a complete asparagus menu! I love asparagus season and as there are only a few weeks left, I want to enjoy them as much as I can. This dish was very special as it had gold leaf chips on top. The crispy toast with cheese and the poached egg add both flavor and texture to the dish.

Every dish is a painting at Restaurant Noble, look at these grilled asparagus served with structures of pumpkin, samphire and a foam of beurre blanc for example. All the different colors, shapes and textures make it a feast for the eye and for the mouth. It’s a culinary work of art.
It was also great to see that you can be a lot more creative with asparagus than just the plain old potatoes, egg and butter.

Speaking of art; doesn’t this dish look beautiful? The composition of the curried cauliflower, the asparagus and the mousseline from almond are picture perfect.
If you like asparagus too and have you become curious about the asparagus dishes from Restaurant Noble, you can book a table at the Asparagus in the Field dinner. From May 16 to June 2 2019 several restaurants will serve an asparagus menu in the middle of asparagus fields. Restaurant Noble will provide the dinner on May 31st and June 1st and 2nd.

The dessert included another seasonal ingredient: strawberries! We got a strawberry mousse, strawberry coulis, crispy strawberry flakes and buttermilk ice-cream with red pepper.

Noble is one of the restaurants that is part of Noord Brabant Culinair (NBC), an organization that focusses on culinary Brabant. They organize all kinds of activities and brought out a book with the Best Restaurants of Brabant.
Edwin Kats is in the board of NBC, so besides running Noble he’s also very active in other projects.

Click here to reserve your table at Restaurant Noble in Den Bosch.

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