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Arnhem is a relatively big city in the east of the country, just north of Nijmegen. As I lived in Nijmegen for 7 years, I often visited Arnhem. It’s also a convenient city to meet up with friends who live in the North of the Netherlands.
I’ve listed my 6 favorite restaurants in Arnhem on this page. They all have good vegetarian options!

lola's arnhemLola’s 
Lola’s has a very convenient location, right across the central station of Arnhem. It’s perfect for me as I always travel by train and often meet up with people at the station. But besides the location there are many more reasons to visit Lola’s. One of the reasons is their delicious sweets. They have quite a few cakes, pies and macarons on display. If you want to try them all, you could go for their high-tea! But also for health-seekers Lola’s is a good destination. You could go for their chia pudding, banana pancakes, one of their sandwiches or paninis or do as I often do and go for the yogurt bowl with crunchy muesli and fresh fruit.

Momento is a great spot for lunch or dinner. They’re housed in the same building as the library. It’s very spacious inside and they also have many tables outside for when it’s sunny. They have many vegetarian options, like the grilled vegetables/goat cheese sandwich on multigrain sourdough bread for lunch. For dinner it’s even better, where you normally only have 1 or 2 vegetarian dishes on the menu, Momento has 4 or 5! They’ve got a really nice quesadilla with tomato, avocado and red bell pepper.

bar florian arnhem
Bar Florian
It might be difficult to get a table at Bar Florian during lunch time, but it’s worth the try. Besides their nice interior, they have a really good lunch menu that changes every season. They’ll always have a big slice of bread with several toppings, soups, salads and tosti’s (grilled cheese sandwiches). I recommend you go for one of their ‘pane’. They have two vegetarian versions, one with grilled vegetables, hummus and mozzarella and one with goat cheese, nuts and figs.

stan co arnhem vega burger
Stan & Co
Stan also has a restaurant/bar in Utrecht, but I really love their restaurant in Arnhem. They’ve got a big terrace for warm summer days but also a beautiful interior with many matching details for winter days. On the menu are several delicious vegetarian options. Pictured above is their cauliflower cheese soufflé served with red onion pickle and chipotle sauce on a green bun. The picture at the top of this page is also made at Stan, this is their ‘herb garden’, which is crispy vegetable sticks, red beet hummus and feta on a slice of bread.
Click here to reserve at Stan & Co Arnhem

popocatepetl arnhem burrito
Popocatepetl is a Mexican restaurant with several locations in the Netherlands. Their restaurant in Arnhem has opened up in the fall of 2017 and has a really cool interior (think pink, copper and plants). On the menu you’ll find all your favorite Mexican comfort food like burritos, enchiladas and fajitas.
And make sure to leave some room for dessert as they have many delicious sweets like avocado cheesecake, churros with chocolate or a red peper and lime tart served with flamed tequila! They’re open for lunch and dinner and are also a great spot for a cocktail.

Meneer Smakers
Meneer Smakers was my favorite burger bar in Utrecht for years. At the end of 2019 they opened up their first restaurant outside of Utrecht, in Arnhem. Meneer Smakers has two vegetarian and a vegan burger. Pictured you see their Tante Connie, a vegetarian burger made from goat cheese and cashews, served with grilled aubergine, walnuts and olives. 

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