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Israel is one of my most favorite countries in the world. It has a wonderful climate, Tel Aviv as the vibrant seaside city, Jerusalem as the historic city with so many stories, beautiful nature and even prettier people. And best of all: the food!

It’s too bad that there’s an ongoing conflict separating its inhabitants in Israel. It’s unlikely however you’ll notice anything of the conflict as long as you stay in the big cities or touristic areas.

On this page I’m sharing my travel blog to Israel with all my favorite sights, activities and restaurants.

Tel Aviv
You’ll probably start your trip to Israel in Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv is a vibrant city with a beach, boardwalk, many nice restaurants, bars and markets. Tel Aviv is a city where I felt right at home and I could imagine myself living there. The atmosphere is very relaxed and there are many creative people.
And there’s an extensive list of restaurants that serve delicious hummus!

Old Jaffa
Jaffa, just south of the modern city Tel Aviv, is the old capital city. You can rent bikes in Tel Aviv and cycle to Jaffa to stroll around the old winding streets and visit the street markets.

I don’t think there’s a city in the world that has more history and stories than Jerusalem. Take at least one day to soak up this city with it’s four quarters. See the the Western Wall, Dome of the Rock and Church of the Holy Sepulchre where Jesus is said to be buried.

The best place to go for hummus and falafel in Jerusalem, according to my friend who lives there, is Lina. You can find it in the Old City if you’re lucky because there are many small winding streets!

Mrs Burekas
Ever heard of Burekas or Bourekas? It’s a very poplar snack or breakfast dish in Israel. In some other countries it’s known as Borek. It probably originated in Turkey and it’s a savory stuffed pastry. My favorite place for Bourekas in Jersualem is Mrs Burekas at the Mahane Yehuda Market.

Dead Sea
Bathing in the Dead Sea is a once in a lifetime experience that you shouldn’t miss out on. It’s so strange to float in the water. You can take the bus from Jerusalem to get there. Keep in mind that if you go in the water from a public sight there won’t be any showers to wash of the salt of your body.


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