Wonderful beaches of Fiji

sunset palmtrees fiji

I actually didn’t plan to go to Fiji, but when I was in New Zealand I discovered it was a reasonably short flight from there. I figured I would never be this close to Fiji again so I just booked a ticket for a few days later and left.

When you fly to Fiji you’ll land at Nadi International airport at Viti Levu, the main island. Your best option is to book an accommodation here for just 1 night and book a cruise to one of the smaller islands (there are a few hundred of them). I’m saying this to prevent you from being as disappointed as I was after spending a few days on Viti Levu.
Although the island has some nice spots (the palmtree pictures above and below were taken on Viti Levu), the sand isn’t as white and the water isn’t as blue as your expectations.
main island fiji nadi viti levu

If you do stay at the main island, you could book a night at a nice resort. These resorts are quite pricy but at least you’ll get the Fiji experience. I travelled on a budget when I was there, so I just took a bus to the InterContinental Fiji golf resort and spend a day at their swimming pool. They have an infinity pool that seems to end in the ocean and really good pizzas for when you get hungry!
intercontinental fiji infinity pool

As I said, I think your best option is to stay at one of the smaller islands. Again, this is probably also more expensive than staying near Nadi. So if you’re also travelling on a budget, you could go for a day tour to one of the other islands. I went on a day cruise with South Sea Cruises to South Sea Island (this is the tour I booked).
They pick you up at your hotel and drive you to the Marina, there you’ll get on a boat and you’ll be dropped of at South Sea Island to spend half or a full day there (depending on what you’ve booked)
south sea island fiji
fiji south sea island
beach south sea island fiji
beautiful beach fiji

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