Popped quinoa chocolates

recipe vegan chocolates with popped quinoa
You might have made quinoa before, but you probably never used it in a combination with chocolate!
I love experimenting with quinoa, I’ve made pink quinoa and quinoa risotto for example. One time I made popped quinoa for breakfast and I decided that if you can make chocolate with popped rice, you can also make it with popped quinoa!

Popping quinoa is really easy. Just put one or two tablespoons of quinoa to a warm skillet, put the lid on and let the quinoa pop for a couple of minutes. Turn off the fire when the popping sound stops.
vegan popped quinoa chocolates
Once you popped the quinoa it’s time to make the chocolates! Melt 70 grams of dark chocolate (I used sugar free and vegan dark chocolate with 80% cacao). Divide the melted chocolate over 10 silicone muffin cups. Sprinkle with the popped quinoa while the chocolate is still warm. I also added some dried cranberries to each muffin cup. I cut 5 blueberries in half and put half a blueberry in each muffin cup.
Put the muffin cups in the fridge for at least 30 minutes or until serving. Just pop out the chocolates and enjoy this gluten free and vegan treat!
gluten free vegan popped quinoa chocolates
vegan chocolates with popped quinoa, blueberries and cranberries
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