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recipe vegetarian sushi pizzaI know I’ve made many sushi variations before, the video of my sushi cake even went viral! But this time I’m really excited about my sushi creation: I made sushi pizza! I haven’t eaten a regular unhealthy pizza in ages but I really like healthy pizzas (check all my healthy pizza recipes for more inspiration). Healthy pizza combined with my love for experimenting with sushi makes a perfect recipe!
After our trip to Japan I had sushi on my mind! We had some really nice sushi there of course, so I wanted to hold on to my vacation feeling. And I have to say it really worked out!
Great thing about these sushi pizzas is that you can make them in advance and serve them when your guests (or in this case just my boyfriend) arrives.

sushi pizza avocado salmon
Below you can find the recipe for the base of the sushi pizza and my two different toppings. I made a vegetarian version for myself and one with salmon for my boyfriend. I also made a video showing you how to make the sushi pizza which you’ll be able to watch on my YouTube channel.
They’re much easier to make than they look, I promise! You only need 3 ingredients for the sushi pizza base and you can top them with anything you like!

sushi pizza recipe
Recipe Sushi Pizza
Ingredients for 2 sushi pizzas:
1/2 package sushi rice (250 grams)
1 egg, whisked

Cooking ring, cling wrap

Prepare the sushi as stated on the package and let cool completely. Place a piece of cling wrap on your kitchen counter and put the cooking ring on top. Use a spoon to put half of the sushi rice into the ring, and use the back of the spoon to press the rice tightly together. Remove the ring and wrap the cling wrap around the burger. Put it in the fridge while you make the other burger.
Please note that the sushi pizza is best when it’s not too thin (then it might fall apart) but also not to thick (then you taste a lot of rice and less toppings when you eat it). So how many pizzas you can make also depends on the size of your cooking ring.
Put the flour, the egg and the breadcrumbs in three low plates. Cover the burger with flour first, then egg and then the breadcrumbs.
Heat olive oil in a skillet and shortly fry the sushi pizza on both sides. Your sushi pizza base is ready now!

recipe sushi pizzaThis means you can now top them with your favorite toppings! For both my versions I mixed mayonnaise with a bit of wasabi and spread it out on the pizzas. For my boyfriend I thinly cut salmon and avocado to decorate his sushi pizza. And I topped it with black sesame seeds and seaweed.
For my vegetarian sushi pizza I replaced the salmon with thinly sliced carrot and kept all the other ingredients the same.

vegan sushi pizza

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