Vegan Cheesecake


On this page I’m sharing a recipe for vegan cheesecake. It’s a strawberry cheesecake, but you can of course also use other toppings for this vegan cheesecake.
For this vegan ‘cheesecake’ I was inspired by the instagram account of Isaura.
This ‘cheezecake’ is dairy free, sugar free, gluten free and doesn’t contain butter. And the best thing: it tastes super good!

For a small pie shape I crushed 75 grams (2.6oz) of mixed nuts, 3 dates and a teaspoon coconut oil for the crust. I put it in the freezer before I added the second layer.
For the ‘cheese’ layer I used 100 gram (3.5oz) cashews (soaked overnight), blended with 2 ts vanilla essence and 2 tbs honey.
The top layer is just blended strawberries.
You can save the pie in the freezer and just take it out 30 minutes before serving.

I always love it when people use my recipes, so feel free to tag me on instagram if you made this vegan cheesecake!




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