Best Vegetarian Burgers in Tilburg

There are many burger restaurants in Tilburg and luckily they all have at least one vegetarian burger on their menu. I’ve been eating vegetarian for years and I love a good veggie burger. I already made a list of the 10 best veggie burgers of Amsterdam when I still lived there. But after living in Tilburg for over 4 years, I thought it was time to also make an overview of the best vegetarian burgers in Tilburg.
Al burgers on this page can be ordered online and delivered to your house. Once the lockdown is over I might also add vegetarian burgers that you can order in restaurants in Tilburg. All the prices shown are prices for the burger alone (without extras) at the time of writing.

Focus Foodbar

Focus Foodbar is a 100% vegan restaurant in Tilburg. They’ve got no less than 4 different vegan burgers! They’ve got a Beyond Burger on a brown bun, a home-made no chicken chili burger, the Dutch Weed burger and a Tempeh burger. The burgers are 15,50 or 16,50 each and fries are included in the price.

Mon-O Fastfood

There’s (temporarily) another vegan restaurant in Tilburg: Mon-O fastfood is a pop-up delivery joint. Everything on their menu is vegan, so this ‘cheese burger’ is also completely plant-based! They’ve also got delicious ‘kapsalons’ and sweet potato fries!
Please note: at the moment Mon-O is closed, but they have plans to re-open in the future.

WawBurger Tilburg

WawBurger Tilburg on the Pieter Vreedeplein has two vegetarian burgers on the menu. A falafel burger and a veggie chicken burger. Both are topped with mayonaise, lettuce and cheddar cheese. The burgers are lower priced than the average vegetarian burger in Tilburg. The burges are just €5,25 (or €9,25 for a menu with fries and a drink).


Restaurant Waanzinnig normally has a vegetarian/vegan burger on the menu in the restaurant, and they have one available for take-away as well. It’s a sweet potato-kale burger served on a homemade bun with Madame Jeanette piccalilly mayonaise and cassave fries. The burger costs €12,50 (please note that you have to order a day in advance via

Wayback Burgers

Wayback Burgers is an American burger company that opened up a take-away and delivery restaurant in Tilburg in April 2021. They’ve got two different vegetarian burgers; a quinoa falafel burger and an oyster mushroom burger. The mushrooms for the latter are grown on their coffee waste, so it’s circulair! You can choose your own toppings for your vegetarian burger at Wayback Burgers like Cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles and mushrooms. And then top it off with one of their 11 sauces. My favorite is the chipotle mayo. A single patty vegetarian burger is €6,50 and a double veggie burger is €7,75. They’ve got all kinds of sides to go with it like chili cheese fries and tater tots.

Corta Colina

Corta Colina Streetfood on the Korte Heuvel has two burgers that aren’t only vegetarian, but vegan too. You can choose between an avocado burger and a beet burger. It’s served on a white bun with spinach, lettuce, tomatoes and red onions. The burgers are €9,75, for €2,75 extra you get it with fries.

Johnny’s Burger Company

Johnny’s Burger Company is also located on the Pieter Vreedeplein in the city center of Tilburg. You can order online on their own website and you can also find them on They’ve got one vegetarian burger, the Cajun Veggie Burger. What’s nice about this vegetarian burger is that it’s a bit spicy. And the biggest advantage of ordering at Johnny’s Burger Company is that they’re one of the few burger bars in Tilburg that serves sweet potato fries. Something I really crave from time to time. The Cajun Veggie Burger from Johnny’s Burger is €6,95 (or €11,95 for a menu with a drink, sauce and potato wedges. You can add Twister Fries, sweet potato fries, fried onion rings or a side salad instead of the potato wedges for an extra fee).

Elfde Gebod

During the lockdown, restaurant ‘t Elfde Gebod, also serves dinner for delivery. They’ve got a vegetarian burger on their menu as well. It’s a homemade sweet potato and lentil burger with ketchup and Parmesan cheese. It’s served on a corn bun with white cabbage and carrot salad and fries with mayonnaise are included in the price (€17,-).

De Beren

Delivery restaurant De Beren sells several kinds of dishes, but they also have a few burgers. One of their burgers is vegetarian; it’s vegan even. It’s the Red Carrot Burger, a 100% vegan burger with a patty from red beets and carrot, served with vegan feta, apple, fried onions, red cabbage and vegan mayonaise. The burger is €8,95. With fries it’s €11,90, so it’s cheaper to order both dishes separately as the menu is €14,50.

Burger Business

Burger Business has a spinach-cheese burger for €6,95. You can top with veggies of your choice for free. Ketchup, curry sauce or mayonaise on your burger are also free toppings. For €3,50 extra you get fries and a drink with it.
But you do have to be patient when you order here. Last two times we had to wait for 2 hours (!) to get our food.

World Burger

All the burgers on the menu of World Burger can be ordered as a vegetarian version. Whether you want the American burger with egg and cocktail sauce or the Brazilian burger with pineapple, every option is possible in a vegetarian version. The burgers vary in price between €7,45 and €9,45. For €3,- extra you get a salad, fries and mayonaise with it.

The Cat’s Back

The Cat’s Back doesn’t only have nice beers, they’ve got a good veggie burger too. It’s a brioche bun with two vegetarian patties, lettuce and pickles. The burger is €11,- and €3,35 extra for fries with mayonaise.


Hungree also has one vegetarian burger on the menu. It used to be this red beet burger with feta cheese, but at the moment they have an avocado burger. It’s a spicy avocado burger topped with Mexican salsa and jalapeño relish on a beer bun. The vegetarian burger from Hungree Tilburg is €8,95.


Steck013 also has a vegetarian red beet burger served with feta. It has extra toppings like grilled bell pepper. It’s served with fries and a red cabbage salad. The total price is €14,50.


At Ristobar Cinecitta, the restaurant of cinema Cinecitta, they have the Dutch Weed Burger. You might have heard of it, this green burger is completely vegan. And it’s not made from marihuana in case you’re wondering, but from sea weed! They normally sell the Dutch Weed Burger in their restaurant, but now you can order it for delivery.

Burger Company

To be honest, there’s not much special about the vegetarian burger from Burger Company. It’s a soft white bun with not that many toppings. But what’s nice is that it’s a spinach burger standard served with cheese. I actually like the tast of spinach burgers and the combination with cheese. So it’s not a bad choice, but it’s also not the best. The Spinazy Cheese Burger from Burger Company is €7,- (or €11 for a menu with fries, sauce and a drink).

Click here for a list of all restaurants in Tilburg that deliver during the Corona crisis.

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