Haarlem is a very nice city just a stone’s throw away from Amsterdam. Haarlem Anne Travel Foodie
I’ve selected my favorite healthy hot spots in Haarlem for you. All these lunchrooms and restaurants are healthy but delicious.
If you’re looking for my tips in Amsterdam you can click here, and for other cities in The Netherlands check this page.


Restaurant Ampersand
Ampersand Haarlem

Ampersand, owned by the very young Wesley Staats, is a paradise for people that are gluten intolerant or have another reason to skip gluten from their diet. All their bread is gluten free! Though gluten free bread can be a bit chewy their homemade ‘glutenvrij’ bread is delicious. They also take in account any other dietary wishes, they can make your meal dairy free or sugar free for example.


Jetties Haarlem

Don’t let the bright lights pull you off,  the food at Jetties is great. They’ve got great burgers with 100% organic meat (biologisch) and there’s also a veggie burger on the menu. Besides their sandwiches and burgers they also have an extensive menu that changes regularly, which  you can’t find online but is written on a big board in the restaurant. It includes many  vegetarian and vegan options.  I went for the vegan falafel platter with hummus and salad. Jetties also organizes cooking workshops, check their  website for the upcoming dates.

By Lima, Haarlem

By LIMA proves that a healthy lifestyle isn’t boring. This ‘good food cafe’ is open for breakfast and lunch and has many healthy options to go or to stay. For each item on the menu it’s marked if it’s vegetarian, vegan or gluten free. Besides all their home made options, they also sell healthy sweets from Sharp Sharp (check their website for all their selling point list) The treats from Sharp Sharp are sugar free, gluten free and vegan. Pictured is their Choco Coco and Exit Egg Lemon Curd.

Yoghurt Barn

Yoghurt Barn Haarlem

As the name already says, they sell yogurt. You can choose your own yogurt (all organic, and there’s also vegan option) with your own toppings, or go for one of the combinations that they have on the menu. You can also order a picnic or reserve a high tea. Pictured is the Choco Caramba with banana, chocolate, hazelnuts and coconut. There’s also a Yoghurt Barn in Utrecht, The Hague and Amsterdam.

Barista Cafe
barista cafe breda
Barista Cafe is a perfect stop for a nice cup of coffee, latte art included! They also have delicious cakes like carrot cake, apple pie and cheesecake. Their lunch  menu isn’t very original, but they have all the classics like a club sandwich or a smoked salmon sandwich. They also have several finger food options, with which you can create your own snack platter. You can find Barista Cafe in several other cities like Amersfoort, Lisse and Breda.



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