Artichoke spreads

artichoke spread

On this page I’m sharing two healthy artichoke spreads with you. The tomato artichoke spread is vegan and the spinach artichoke spread is vegetarian.
vegan artichoke spread
During my vegan challenge I was looking for healthy spreads. I made hummus so often, that I wanted something else that was just as easy to make. And I’ve found it! With only 4 ingredients, this healthy artichoke tomato spread is very easy to make. I’ve found the recipe in Dutch on the vegan challenge website, and I’ve translated it to  English for you here. I’ve made my own variation (I didn’t roast the garlic for example, making the recipe even easier to make).
recipe vegan artichoke spread
The recipe below is for one bowl. You can save the artichoke spread in the freezer for later use.
1 can artichoke hearts (400gram)
2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
5 sundried tomatoes (in oil)
Fresh basil (about 8 leaves)

Mix all the ingredients in a food processor, and that’s all!
As I said, this recipe is very easy to make. It’s great on a sandwich for lunch or you can surprise everyone at a dinner party with this healthy, vegan spread on toast.

recipe spinach artichoke dip
Besides a red artichoke dip, you can also go for this green version. Also very easy to make since you’ll only need three ingredients.

All you need is one can of artichoke hearts, 300 grams of spinach and 100 grams of feta cheese.
Drain the artichoke hearts. Heat 2 tbs of olive oil in a skillet and fry the spinach on low heat. Put the spinach in a colander to remove excess water.
Put the spinach, artichoke hearts in a food processor. Set a bit of the feta aside for garnishing and add the other feta to the food processor as well. Mix until combined. If desired you can add a tablespoon of olive oil and some pepper.
Put the spinach spread in a bowl and garnish with the remaining feta.

spinach fetta dip

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