Gluten free cheesecake

chocolate vanilla cheesecake

There’s no need to have a boring breakfast (or lunch or dessert) anymore! You can have this gluten free, healthy cheesecake (vegan optional)! The recipe for this layered cake is from Marike, better known as Oh My Pie. She turns her coeliac disease ‘burden’ into a party! On her website she shares her recipes for her mouthwatering gluten free cakes. I’ve been following her on Instagram for a while and every time I saw those beautiful cakes, I felt the wish to make one myself grow stronger.
I was especially inspired by Marike’s ‘cheesecake Judith’, although  I replaced the orange layer with an extra vanilla layer.
gluten free cheesecake
And here’s the result! A chocolate-vanilla cake with date swirl! I’ve found out I’m not a pie queen yet, as Marike’s version is more beautiful. But it sure tasted great! As this cake is sugar free, and mostly made from nuts and quark (a thick yogurt) it’s healthy enough to eat for breakfast. You can easily turn it into a vegan cheesecake by using plant based yogurt.

You can find the recipe in Dutch on, and for the non-dutchies, I’ve translated it to English below.

* 100 gr pitted Medjool dates
* 75 gr hazelnuts
* 75 gr rolled oats
* 1 tbs coconut oil or (plant based) butter
* ts baking powder

* 500 gr greek yogurt or soy yogurt
* 6 gelatin sheets (not vegan)
* 2 tbs maple syrup (or honey)
* 1 ts vanilla extract

* 100 gram gluten free, extra dark chocolate

* 3 pitted medjool dates
* 2 tbs cacao powder
* 1 ts vanilla extract
* a drop of lemon juice

glutenfree coffee cheesecake

Preheat the oven to 180C/350F. Line a round baking tray with parchment paper.
Mix all the ingredients for the bottom in a food processor and cover the bottom of the pie plate with the mixture. Put it in the oven for 20 minutes.

Prepare 3 gelatin sheets according to the package and mix with half the yogurt, half the vanilla extract and 1 tbs of maple syrup. Put this mixture in the pie plate and let it set in the fridge.
Melt the chocolate and gently pour it over the cake, set to cool in the  fridge.

Prepare the other 3 gelatin sheets and mix with the remaining yogurt, vanilla extract and maple syrup. Pour this mixture over the chocolate layer. Leave the cake at room temperature while you make the date swirl.
For the swirl you mix all remaining ingredients in a food processor and pour it over the cake in a swirling motion. Se the cake to cool for at least 4 hours or until serving.

date swirl cheesecake


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