Christmas Cookies Box

A Christmas Cookies Box is a great gift to give to a friend, family member or loved one for Christmas. I think the holidays are all about the joy of giving, and what’s a better gift than food?
You can make a Christmas cookie box with homemade cookies. I think giving something home made is always so nice. But you can also make a box with store bought cookies of course, or make a little mix of both.

For this Christmas cookie box I’ve used a metal tin that can be used for storage. With cardboard I made 2 strips for length-wise and two strips for in the width. I put some parchment paper in the box, so that it feels like gift wrapping.

I’ve added two kinds of store bought cookies to the box and 4 homemade cookies. The store bought cookies were mini chocolate chip cookies you see on the top right and Lotus Speculoos cookies that you see in the middle-left. On the top left you see the Christmas Lights Cookies that I’ve made myself. They look so festive!
In the right middle box I’ve put homemade chocolates. I created them by pouring a layer of melted chocolate on the bottom of silicone muffin trays. And I’ve sprinkled some Christmas cake decoration sprinkles over them before I put them in the fridge to set.
In the bottom left box you see the reindeer cookies that I’ve made myself. They’re super cute and I’m sure the receiver of the Christmas cookies box will love them!
On the bottom right you see my home-made Madeleines. I made these Madeleines with tea!

Check out my Pinterest board with even more Christmas inspiration:

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