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Avocado is my favorite ingredient by far. I’ve shared many avocado recipes on this website, click here for my favorite avocado recipes.  And I even got avocado’s on my phone cover! One of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow is @fooddeco. On this account Colette Dike shares her beautiful food creations, often including avocado.
It’s no surprise that a while back she launched her own cookbook called ‘Avocado’. The first edition of Avocado came out 2 years ago and now it’s time for a new version with a few adjustments and several new recipes (like avocado granola!).
I had the first version, but I also got this new version as I was too curious. Just as the first book and Colette’s Instagram account; the book has a great design and the pictures are very impressive. I want to make every dish from the book as they are both beautiful as easy to make.

To give you a sense of the recipes that are in the Avocado cookbook, I made a few dishes from the book. Colette was one of the firsts to make the avocado rose that later became a massive trend. In her book she explains how to make an avocado rose and also how you can make these avocado slices. She also shows how to make pretty avocado toast, like I did in this avocado toast video.

I’m the biggest fan of one quite simple recipe in the Avocado cookbook, I’ve already made it several times. It’s called ‘whipped avocado and feta spread’. You can make feta spread by mixing 50 grams of feta with 25 ml water in a food processor. These are the ingredients for 1 person, so you can double the amounts if you’re making sandwiches for two. This whipped feta spread is on its own already delicious and a great sandwich topping. But you can also mix in one avocado to get this whipped avocado and feta spread. I topped my sandwich with basil and black sesame seeds.

You can order the Avocado cook book in Dutch here, an English version is coming soon.

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