All you need to know about the viral Dubai Knafeh chocolate bar from TikTok

If you’ve got a TikTok account, then you’ve seen it for sure: the viral Dubai Knafeh chocolate bar. The chocolate bar with a unique flavor of Knafeh and pistachio went viral. You can find many videos on the platform, and on Instagram as well, of people who are trying it out in their own country or who made it themselves and are sharing a recipe. On this page I’m telling you all you need to know about the viral Dubai Knafeh chocolate bar from TikTok.

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What is Knafeh?

The first thing you might wonder is: what is Knafeh? Knafeh is a traditional Arabic dessert. It is often spelled differently because of the transition from Arabic to the Alphabet. You might also see it spelled as Kunafa, Kunefe, Kenafeh and several other ways.
Knafeh is a delicious Arabic dessert made from thin, shredded phyllo dough or semolina dough soaked in a sweet, fragrant syrup. It’s typically filled with a layer of gooey cheese or rich cream and often topped with crushed pistachios for a delightful crunch. The dessert is baked until golden and crispy, offering a perfect balance of textures and flavors. Knafeh is a beloved treat across the Middle East, I’ve tasted it in Israel and Jordan.


Besides Knafeh, the famous Dubai chocolate bar is also filled with a pistachio cream. Pistachio flavored treats are trending on TikTok and Instagram nowadays anyway. You can find all kinds of Pistachio recipes online; from Pistachio croissants to cheesecake. So it’s not strange that this chocolate bar is trending in the midst of the Pistachio pandemic.

Where did the viral chocolate bar originated?

As the name suggests, the viral chocolate bar originated in Dubai. The shop is called FIX Dessert Chocolatier. They called their bar ‘Can’t get Knafeh of it’ (a word joke referring to the Knafeh and that you can’t get enough of it). FIX Dessert Chocolate was found by Sarah Hamouda who was inspired by her own pregnancy cravings to start a chocolate shop.

The fun thing is, that they’ve already been selling it for over a year! In April 2022 the chocolatier opened up and they’ve been selling the bar since the beginning. But in the spring of 2024 more and more influencers where sharing the bar on TikTok, and that’s how the trend started.

TikTok Food Trends

The viral Dubai Knafeh chocolate bar is of course not the first TikTok food trend that we encounter. In the Netherlands the Crompouce was a big hit, and we’ve also had the TikTok Pasta with feta from the oven.
Another big TikTok trend was the Big Mac Taco, where people shared recipes to make tacos with the Big Mac ingredients. I’ve created a vegetarian Big Mac Taco recipe.

And it’s not only something from this year, that recipes go viral on TikTok. I’ve already shared a TikTok Food Trends blog in 2020. You might remember the Dalgona Coffee and Pancake cereal from that year.

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