My favorite (Western style) bakeries in Tokyo

Although the Japanese will have a rice dish for breakfast, you can go for a Western style breakfast at one of the many bakeries around the city. I’ve listed my favorite bakeries and their locations on this page.

Dominique Ansel Bakery Japan
dominique ansel bakery ginza tokyo
Dominique Ansel is the creator of the famous Cronut, a combination of a croissant and a donut. He opened up his first bakery in New York but soon also opened shops in London, Singapore and, indeed, Tokyo. He actually already has two shops in Tokyo now, one in Omotesando and one in Ginza. The one in Ginza is located in the food shop area in the basement of Mitsukoshi department store. Obviously they sell Cronuts but they also have several Japanese themed pastries. They’ve got their own version of the melon pan, a sweet Japanese bread that has the shape but not the taste of a melon. Their Mr Kabuki Melon Pan is filled with Anko (sweet red bean paste) and custard. It’s topped with the typical melon pan thin cookie crust and they made the Kabuki style face using raspberry powder. They also have a strawberry and sake Daruma cake, and a chocolate pastry shaped like a monkey.

Gio Organic Café
There are three Gio Organic Cafes in Tokyo; in Tokyo station, in Shinagawa station and in Shinyokohama. This café serves a variety of sandwiches including some vegetarian options. They have organic coffee and work with fresh products as much as possible. This is the place to get a healthy, green triangle shaped sandwich filled with lettuce and bell peppers. If you’re traveling with the Shinkansen, you can buy your breakfast here for on the train!

andersen bakery tokyo station
Andersen has bakeries at several stations in Tokyo: Tokyo Station, Shinjuku station and Ueno station for example. The sell European-style bread and sandwiches. They also have Danish pastries and savory bakery items here, including many vegetarian options.

burdigala european bakery japan tokyo
Burdigala is named after the Bordeaux region in France and serves high quality bakery products. They have 10 shops throughout Japan. Two shops of this luxury bakery are in Kyoto station and in Tokyo station. They have many savory sandwiches and sweet pastries. All a bit higher quality than your average bakery. They also serve coffees, tea and orange juice.

Manneken serves authentic Belgian waffles. The founder was Japanese, tasted waffles in Belgium and decided he wanted to bring the Belgian waffle to Japan. Trust me: once you’ve had a real Belgian waffle in Belgium, the pre packaged waffles they sell in Japan will be a disappointment. Luckily for all waffle lovers in Japan there’s Manneken. They have shops all over the country, with already 7 branches in Tokyo alone. Tokyo locations include Ginza station, Akihabara station, Shinjuku and Aoyama.

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