Belgian Cuisine

Contrary to what many tourists will think, Belgium has a well established kitchen with both French and Dutch influences. In Belgium, the kitchen receives special attention and food in general is an important aspect of life. On this page I’m telling you more about Belgian Cuisine and typical Belgian dishes.

Culinary Belgian cuisine is definitely more than sweet waffles, mussels and chips. Walloon cuisine has many influences from French cuisine. Flemish cuisine has more influences from the Dutch cuisine. In the region around Brussels – the center of Belgium – both styles come together and form the true Belgium mix. Ready for a trip to Belgium?

Flemish Stew

You can find this dish in the north of France, but also in many Belgian households. It is a type of Boeuf Bourguignon, where the wine is replaced by beer, preferably brown beer. The meat continues to simmer for a long time in the beer, sugar is added and the dish is served with fries or mashed potatoes.

Belgian Waffles

Delicious as a snack or of course a waffle is a good idea. There are actually two types: the Brussels waffle and the Liège waffle. There is definitely a difference between the two. The Brussels waffle is airy and rectangular. You often find these in restaurants and cafes.
You probably already know the Liège waffle from the large packaging that you can also buy in the supermarket. This is round and is also called a ‘sugar wafer’ because of the lumps of sugar that are incorporated in the wafer.

Are you already getting curious about what Belgium also has to offer?


One of the most popular winter dishes is originally from Ghent, but is eaten all over Belgium. It is very similar to the French stew, only served with chicken. Of course, this variant can also be prepared with fish if you prefer. Whether you choose chicken or fish, the meat is steeped in a vegetable stock for a long time. After this they add rich cream later. Waterzooi can be served with potatoes and rice. It is really a hearty and tasty dish, with which you can vary a lot.

Mussels with chips

The mussels from the Flemish coast have a special taste. Belgian gastronomy is famous all over the world for its mussels and chips. One is not sure of the origin of this dish and like fries, this is an ongoing discussion between the French and the Belgians. Make sure to try the dish in one of the cities close to the sea.

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