Best Destinations To Fly To From New York

There are a lot of reasons to love New York City. With almost 800 languages used in the city, The Big Apple is one of the most linguistically diverse places on Earth. Foodies will also love spending time in this city as some of the world’s best food trucks and restaurants are found here.
Taking a vacation in another city or country can be a great stress reliever. Being exposed to a new environment allows you to recharge, especially if you’re working in New York City. New York is great, but if you’ve been staying in this city for years, you’ll likely want to experience something new.
To help you decide where to go next, here are some of the best destinations to fly to when you’re from New York City:

1 Hong Kong

Flights from NY to Hong Kong might be long (about 15 hours), but the trip will be worth it as this destination offers a wide variety of activities. Regardless if you’re a traveler who’s seeking an adrenaline rush or one who likes to lounge around and enjoy breathtaking views, you can experience all of these things in Hong Kong.
If you want to experience Hong Kong in the most unique yet healthiest way possible, schedule your next hike in this country. Hong Kong has several hiking trails, each requiring different skills from the hiker. Taking any of these hiking trails allow you to enjoy the natural wonders of Hong Kong – mountains, lakes, oceans, and even historical sites.
Joining the nightlife scene in Hong Kong will also make your trip more exciting. Sure, bars and pubs might be common, but Hong Kong is different because this is where you’ll find the world’s highest bar.
The Ritz Carlton’s Ozone Bar is about 1,608 feet above sea level, about 118-floor stories high. If you love and long for a night of partying, visiting this bar should be part of your itinerary.

2 Bermuda

Flying to Bermuda from New York City will only take less than three hours, making this destination one of the closest. Since the flight is short, expect to pay cheaper plane tickets, as well.
Bermuda is a small island, which is why this destination isn’t known to many. However, if you’re a traveler who likes to frolic under the sun, and try out some water sports, Bermuda is the perfect travel destination for you. With over 40 beaches, Bermuda is the go-to travel destination for individuals who love the beach.
Bermuda’s unique architecture is also one of the reasons why more and more tourists are flocking to this island. When you visit this island, expect to see colorful architecture adorned with plants and other types of greeneries. Bermuda is a clean island, allowing its architecture to become more prominent.
But, the wonders of Bermuda don’t only rely on its tourist attractions. You should definitely visit this island as the locals are warm and friendly. They’ll always greet tourists with a smile and provide a helping hand whenever needed.

3 Iceland

The airports in New York City now offer non-stop flights to Iceland , which will last about six hours. Despite the long flight, Iceland is still one of the best destinations to fly to from New York City because this island country is home to countless filming locations – perfect for any avid moviegoer.
You’ll also get a chance to experience geothermal baths, face-to-face encounters with whales, and frolic in black beaches in this country. Iceland also boasts several natural wonders, such as glaciers, mountains, volcanoes, and highlands.

4 Mexico

The quickest one-stop flight you can take from New York City to Mexico will take around seven hours. Aside from the convenience of going there, you should include this country in your bucket list as this offers diverse travel experiences for tourists like you. If you’re looking for the best wine experience, book your ticket to Mexico as soon as possible.
This country has the most suitable weather and soil conditions to produce high-quality wines. Mexico also has the most unreal beaches, out-of-this-world food, unique artwork, and enchanting boutique hotels. Adventure sports, such as cage diving with whale sharks, are also common in Mexico. You can also have some great adventures above the surface by riding a hot air balloon or trying out paragliding.

Check required documents

Aside from knowing the attractions, it’s also important to know what documents are required for tourists to gain entrance to these places. Some countries will require tourists to have a travel visa or passport valid for the next six months, while other countries require less.
After picking your next travel destination, research on the country’s requirements to avoid problems or delays in the immigration. Your preparedness will surely make your trip from New York City to these countries more fun and memorable!

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