Buitenontbijtjes: breakfast picnic in The Hague

Looking for a unique breakfast spot this summer? Go to the Hague for a ‘buitenontbijtjes’!
Buitenontbijtjes, literally meaning breakfasts outside, is like a breakfast picnic. It’s such a great and original idea for a breakfast or brunch. You order your Buitenontbijtjes online and you can enjoy it at one of the parks in the Hague on a day and a time that suits you.

Buitenontbijtjes is an initiative of Aafke who decided to combine her passion of food and being outdoors. She serves a vegetarian/vegan breakfast on a wooden crate on beautiful spots in one of the parks of The Hague. The breakfast is slightly different every time, depending on what Aafke has made. We had overnight oats with cinnamon, homemade bread with nuts, homemade plum jam made with plums from her sisters garden and pumpkin cake. The honey and butter were the only non-vegan items of our breakfast, so it’s easy to have a 100% plant based breakfast if you want. We also got coffee, tea and orange juice.

We sat on special sustainable chairs that were designed by Aafke and her brother, they’re called ‘rollstoell’. She wanted non-plastic chairs that were easy to take with her. They designed a system with wood and canvas that you can roll up when you’re not using them. The chairs were very comfortable and if the grass would be a bit wet, you would still sit dry.
You can also buy the chairs on the Rollstoell website. They’re great if you ever go to the beach, camping or on picnics!

I enjoyed the breakfast picnic with my sweet mom and we were both big fans of the breakfast. My mom even had her very first overnight oats!
It’s great to see that Aafke does her job with much pleasure and honesty.

Buitenontbijtjes is great to do with friends or as a romantic date with your partner. It’s also a very nice (birthday)gift! You can order your Buitenontbijtje here.

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