Lunch at Dommel 18 in Eindhoven

Dommel 18 is a restaurant and bar in the city center of Eindhoven. You can find it in the Dommelstraat, a street with many bars and restaurants close to the central station of Eindhoven and the Effenaar concert hall. Dommel 18 is also close to the shops, so a good spot for a lunch break when you’re shopping.
I live only 20 minutes away from Eindhoven so I’m there quite often. Just like my hometown Tilburg, I feel like Eindhoven is really evolving and more and more nice food spots are opening up. Steakhouse Dommel 18Dommel 18 has been there for a few years now. They have one entrance for a small bar and next-door they have another entrance for the restaurant. You can also cross from the bar to the restaurant in the back, or go for a drink at the cafe after your dinner at the restaurant. I went to Dommel 18 with a friend for lunch last week. Don’t be fooled by the name steakhouse, I had a great vegetarian lunch!

Dommel 18 in Eindhoven has quite an extensive lunch menu with soups, egg dishes, sandwiches, salads and grilled cheese sandwiches. They also have seven different burgers including a pulled pork burger, marinated chicken burger and a vegetarian burger with truffle dressing. They also have several flammkuchen. My friend and I had the tomato soup and onion soup to start with.

We both had a salad as well. My friend had the Ceaser Salad and I had the goat cheese salad with stuffed mushrooms, balsamic and tomato. The salads where really tasty!

We found a good deal for lunch at Dommel 18 in Eindhoven on Spontaan via Social Deal. For only €9,50 per person you get a two-course lunch menu at Dommel 18. You can choose from the entire menu. Normally a two course lunch at Dommel 18 is 19€ each, so you get a 50% discount. So basically you get the 2nd person for free.
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