Recipe Easter Brownies

Want to bake something tasty for Easter? These Easter Brownies are delicious! On this page I’m sharing the recipe for Easter Brownies. Decorated with chocolate Easter eggs, it looks really festive! It makes a perfect dessert for your Easter brunch!

The most important thing about these Easter Brownies is the decoration. You can use any kind of brownie recipe. It doesn’t matter if you’re going for brownies made from scratch or that you use a brownie mix from the supermarket.
I actually used a brownie mix for these brownies, so I also didn’t make them from scratch.
I used the sugar free brownie mix from Sukrin. So the brownies themselves are sugar-free. In this case the decoration isn’t sugar free, although you can search for sugar-free chocolate easter eggs to make this recipe more healthy.

If you’re eating vegan you can make vegan brownies and top them with vegan easter eggs. In the Netherlands you can get sugar free chocolate easter eggs at Holland & Barrett.
Scroll down for my recipe for these Easter Brownies.

Recipe Easter Brownies

Brownies (made from scratch or with a store-bought brownie mix)
Chocolate Easter eggs
Easter M&M’s

When the brownies come out of the oven, let them cool for around 10 minutes on a cooling rack.
Cut the chocolate Easter eggs in half. Decorate the brownies with the Chocolate Easter eggs, Easter M&M’s and pretzels. You want to put them on the brownies while they’re still a bit warm, so that the chocolate melts a bit and functions as edible glue.
You don’t want to put the Easter eggs on top before the brownie goes into the oven, as they’ll just melt all the way. You can however put some easter eggs in the batter, to have an extra chocolate ‘bite’ in the brownies.

Need more inspiration? Check my Pinterest board with over 100 Easter recipes.

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