Valentine’s Day gifts for travel foodies

Valentine’s Day is coming up! It’s time to think about what you want to give your loved one. Is your girlfriend/boyfriend/partner/secret love a travel junkie, a food lover or a travel foodie like me? I’ve got you covered! On this page I’m sharing my favorite Valentine’s Day gifts for foodies and travellers. For every budget and in all kinds of categories; these Valentine’s Day presents will sure make your beloved travel foodie very happy. And if you are into food, cooking and travel yourself: then you can give this list to someone else as a hint!

Lakrids Kalaha box

Lakrids is a very special liquorice brand from Johan Bulow from Denmark. They have very special flavors like chocolate coated liquorice with passionfruit or coffee and dark chocolate liquorice. Lakrids is a great gift for all liquorice lovers. In Scandinavia liquorice is very popular and they even use it as an ingredient in Scandinavian cuisine. On the Lakrids website you’ll also find several recipes and he sells liquorice powder which you can use in the kitchen. You can order separate jars with liquorice, but they also have nice gift items. Especially for Valentine’s Day Lakrids has gift box with 8 compartments with 3 unique flavors.  Lakrids ships worldwide, order your Lakrids Liquorice here.


Hebbers Cards

At Hebbers they have many nice postcards and other stationary like notebooks, but they’ve got quite a big collection with food related cards. Look at these four for example. Aren’t they great? And I’ve got good news for you. Up until February 14 you get a 10% discount on all items in the Hebbers webshop if you use the discount code ANNETRAVELFOODIE.

Green Gypsy Spices

The spice mixes from Green Gypsy Spices are very easy to use because she already mixed the right combinations for you. No added salt, sweeteners or anything else unnecessary. I think this one is especially nice for Valentine’s Day as it’s called ‘Love your Chick’. You can use these Love your Chick’ herbs to marinate chicken (of course) but I as a vegetarian also use it quite often. It’s great to sprinkle over your sweet potatoes when you make sweet potato fries for example.

Bubbles & Diamonds at the Waldorf Astoria

Take your loved one to Amsterdams prettiest hotel, the Waldorf Astoria, for an exclusive Valentine’s day treat. From Saturday the 10th until Sunday the 18th of February they have several Valentine options at the Waldorf in Amsterdam. You can order a glass of rose champagne in one of their restaurants and you’ll find a ‘gemstone’ at the bottom. After savoring the glass of champagne a private driver will pick you up and bring you to the Gassan Diamond Factory where their diamond expert will identify if your diamond is genuine. You can also go for a special afternoon tea in their Peacock Alley and savor Valentine-inspired sweet & savoury treats or go for a delicious lunch at the Goldfinch Brasserie.


Is there anything more romantic than a trip to Paris? Paris is known as the city of love so it would be the perfect Valentine’s Day trip to give to your travel partner! And it doesn’t have to be super expensive, try to find a cheap ticket or go by train! The hotels from Green Spirit Hotels are very romantic, so you can book a room there for you and your loved one. And with the Time to Momo guide to Paris you lovebirds can already get in the mood for your romantic trip!


A foodie will always be happy with a new cookbook, but this book called Vegan Smaaksouvenirs from Vegadutchie is perfect for all foodies that love to travel. As all dishes in this book are vegetarian (vegan even) I absolutely love it. From a savory breakfast bowl from China to Swedish cinnamon buns for dessert: you can find vegan dishes from all over the world in Vegan Smaaksouvenirs. This book is only available in Dutch.
Good news: you can win Vegan Smaaksouvenirs if you join my competition on Facebook (until February 10)

Heart shaped pan

I love the pans from Le Creuset, no matter in which shape or color but this heart shaped pan is absolutely perfect for Valentine’s day! You can use this pan on the stove but it’s also suitable for in the oven.  And Le Creuset has much more than just the pans that they’re known for, they also have beautiful bowls, plates, cups and accessoires. They even have a whole range of Valentine’s Day products! You can buy Le Creuset online in many countries, for example the United StatesUnited KingdomFrance and The Netherlands.

As we all know; baking something for your loved one is always a good idea! Check out my recipe for vegan Valentine’sDay Strawberry Chocolate Cups.

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