3 ingredient vegan trifle

easy vegan dessert

Looking for a healthy, vegan dessert that is as easy to make as 1-2-3? Look no further, you’ve found it! This strawberry Oreo trifle only has three ingredients and takes you less than 3 minutes to make! Check the recipe here or watch the food video.

oreo strawberry trifle

All you need is (unsweetened) soy yogurt, Oreo cookies and strawberries.
Put 2 cookies per person in a Ziploc bag and crush them with a rolling pin. Chop a handful of strawberries.
Put 2 big tablespoons of the soy yogurt in a glass, cover with half of the strawberries and top with the crushed Oreo’s. Keep 1 tablespoon of crushed Oreo cookies aside. Repeat with a layer of yogurt and strawberries and sprinkle the of the Oreo cookies on top.

That’s it! You can vary as much as you like of course. You can use different kinds of fruit like blueberries, peach or pineapple. And you can use different kinds of cookies or a sponge cake instead, but keep in mind that they might not be suitable for vegans.


Click here for my recipe for Oreo Brownies.


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