Santa Hat Christmas Muffins

I love Christmas and I love making Christmas themed dishes. These Santa Hat Christmas Muffins are a great dessert after your Christmas dinner but they’re also a nice snack for during the day. And these Christmas Muffins also a great snack to make with kids. I think they’ll love making them and I’m sure they’ll love eating them!

I’ve made several Christmas recipes before and they were always healthy. I created a 3 course vegetarian Christmas menu for example and I’ve shared inspiration for healthy, vegan Christmas desserts.
This recipe is a bit different than the other recipes on my blog as it isn’t very healthy. Although you can say that it includes strawberries and the portions are small; but it also has unhealthy muffins and whipped cream.
I guess we can’t eat healthy all the time and that it doesn’t matter if you eat something sweet every once in a while.

I used store bought chocolate muffins for these Santa Hat Christmas muffins, but you can also bake your own muffins of course.
I went for mini brownies as they had the perfect size for the strawberries. As december isn’t strawberry season in the Netherlands, the strawberries that are available are quite small. If you can get your hands on some bigger strawberries, you can also use bigger muffins.

For the whipped cream I used the new vegan whipped cream alternative that is available at the Albert Heijn supermarkets in the Netherlands. It tastes just like regular whipped cream but it’s suitable for vegans and lactose-intolerants.

To make the Santa Hat Christmas Muffins you remove the stems from the strawberries. Top each (mini) chocolate muffin with a dash of whipped cream. Put the strawberry on top upside down and finish with a little bit more whipped cream.

Check my Pinterest board with more vegetarian (and vegan) Christmas recipes.

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