Vegan pulled pork Mexican style

I gave my vegan pulled pork dish a Mexican twist! I used the ready made pulled veggie from Vivera and added several Mexican style side dishes to create a colorful and healthy dinner.
I’ve made 3 side dishes, all healthy, vegan and gluten free.

side dishes vegan mexican dinner

I’ve made a tomato salsa with red onion. I finely cut 2 tomatoes and 1 red onion. I’ve mixed them together and added a tablespoon of lime juice.
For the carrot ribbons I’ve shaved thin ribbons from a big carrot with a vegetable peeler. Stir in a teaspoon of smoked paprika and a few drips of olive oil.
And you can’t go without guacamole if you make a Mexican meal. I mean, you could go without guacamole, but why would you want to? You can find my recipe for guacamole here.

ingredients vegan mexican dinner recipe
I’ve served the pulled veggie with the side dishes and some rice. You can create a healthy Mexican party on your dinner table by serving all the dishes in separate small bowls like pictured above.
Or you can put it all together in a bowl for less dishes.

vegan mexican pulled pork bowl with vivera pulled veggie

If you like vegan pulled meat you might also like my recipe for pulled ‘chicken’.
And if you like vegan Mexican food you could try my crunchy tofu tacos.

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