3 New Tony’s Chocolonely flavors

Tony’s Chocolonely fans pay attention. Tony’s has just released 3 new flavors! These 3 limited edition Tony’s Chocolonely chocolate bars are for sale as of today.

The three flavors are:

Blonde 28% caramelized pecan

Milk 32% shortbread caramel

Dark 51% cacao cookie caramel


The seasalt caramel flavor of Tony’s Chocolonely (with the orange wrap) has been a favorite for years, so all those caramel fans can run to the stores now to get one of these 3 new flavors.

The blonde chocolate is white chocolate with a bit of dark chocolate mixed in. Sounds pretty good right?

The wrappings of the 3 new Tony’s Chocolonely flavors is quite special. It’s even more colorful than you might know from Tony’s. The wrappings are designed by Afriek  a Dutch fashion label that wants to get rid of African stereotypes. Funny fact is that not one wrapping is the same, they’re all unique.

As of September 14 you can get these bags from Tony’s Chocolonely and Afriek at the Bijenkorf stores and at the Tony’s Chocolonely superstore in Amsterdam.

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