New food products Summer 2018

I love discovering new food products in the supermarkets, shops or online. And I love sharing my finds with you. All products listed below are tried and tested by me. Have a look and see if there’s anything you haven’t heard of yet!

Vegan ‘Roze Koek’

Every Dutch person knows the Roze Koek, I loved it as a kid. Donny Craves has just launched a vegan version of this classic cake-like cookie with the pink frosting. It has the same look as the classic ‘pink cookie’ but very different ingredients. It’s made with rolled oats and 100% organic and plant-based (so it’s suitable for vegans). The pink coloring is also completely natural!

No Fairytales

You might already know No Fairytales because of their healthy carrot and red beet tortillas. But they’ve added no less than 5 new products to their range. They’re now selling 2 ready made burrito’s and 3 tosti’s (grilled cheese wraps). Unfortunately only the beet tortilla tosti is vegetarian, but all products contain more vegetables than usual because No Fairytales adds veggies to their wraps.
Click here for two recipes with the No Fairytales tortillas.

Dopper Insulated

I was already a big fan of the Dopper bottles for years. I got one years ago when I went backpacking in Australia and New Zealand and I got another one about a year ago. I bring it to work and use it everyday. It’s the easiest and most stylish way to reduce your plastic waste. Dopper has just released two Dopper Insulated bottles. These bottles work as a thermos flask, they keep your drink warm for 9 hours or cool for 24 hours. They come in two sizes and two colors (Steamy Pink en Glacier Grey).

Vegan drinks from Becel

I love it that more and more big brands are adding vegan alternatives to their product range. This month Becel has announced to add no less than 4 new plant based drinks to their assortment. They’ve created an almond milk, soy milk, chocolate drink and vanilla drink. All contain 50% less sugars than regular milk and are high in Omega 3. They don’t contain any artificial colors or flavors. Did you know that vegan drinks have 50% less CO2 emissions than milk? So it’s not only better for the animals and your health but for the planet as well!

Holie cereals

I already liked the new Holie cereals before I tasted them. Mainly because of the great package design that made me instantly happy but also because I read on the package that the Holie cereals are vegan and don’t contain any salt. Besides they contain 70% less sugar than regular cereals and twice the amount of fiber than oatmeal! The come in 3 flavors: strawberry, apple cinnamon and chocolate. They’re a great way to get your gids to eat a healthy breakfast, but I’m the living proof that adults like them as well! Holie Food is a very young company, just started this year because they believe that food can be healthier, tastier and better.


Do you already know the wine brand AVEC? This summer they have a new rosé wine called No3. This rose has a powerful dry taste that is perfect for summer nights on your balcony, drinks on the terrace or for your picnic. It’s made from several grapes including Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. What I like about their label is that you can write with whom you’d like to drink the wine on the blanc space. This makes the bottles very suitable for presents!

Seaweed bread

I already told you before why we should eat more seaweed in this blog post, so I love sustainable initiatives that involve seaweed. Seamore, an Amsterdam based company that is on a mission to make the world eat more seaweed, initiated this Zeewierbrood (seaweed bread). They worked together with BBROOD to create this bread that contains seaweed. The bread also contains 50% less salt and less calories than regular bread. The bread tastes just as good as the other breads that they sell at BBROOD, so you’re eating more healthy and better for the planet without giving in on flavor.

New Green Gypsy Spices products

I’ve known the spice mixes from Green Gypsy Spices for quite a while now. I’ve made a coffee date bread with her Choco Loco Spices and a Falafel bowl with her Ras-el-Hanout just to name two examples. They now have a new range called Do it Yourself that includes 6 products with which you can make a variety of dishes yourself. There are nuts for roasting or corn for popping for example. My favorite is the  Pancake Power with which you can make delicious healthy pancakes.

Swits Soda

Swits Soda is a healthier soda made by 3 twenty-something-year-old students from Amsterdam. All three of them worked in restaurants and bars and one night when they were heaving a drink they came up with the idea to create a new soda. Swits Soda is made with natural ingredients and low in sugars. They have 3 sodas available at the moment: Turmeric & Sage of which they have a filtered and unfiltered version and Chili and Elderflower. With Swits Soda they hope to give their own twist to the word soda.

Vegan Cherry and Mango yogurt

Alpro has launched two new vegan fruit yogurts. They have a Mango and a Cherry flavor and both don’t contain any added sugars! They just contain a whole lof of fruit, which is sweet enough already of course. The yogurts have a creamy and soft texture. They are very rich in flavor and perfect for breakfast or dessert! The cherry and mango flavors fit perfectly with this season. I made the breakfast bowl pictured at the top of this page with the vegan cherry yogurt from Alpro.

Oppo Cookie Dough Ice Cream

A while back Oppo Brothers launched their Ice Cream tubs in the Netherlands. The ice cream of Oppo is a lot better than your regular ice cream pints as they contain much less calories. They started with 3 flavors but just released a 4th flavor: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough! I was lucky to be one of the first to try this new flavor (check this pic to see me try it) and I can tell you it’s very addictive. And with only 200 calories for half the tub, it’s not even that bad. The new Cookie Dough flavor is for sale in The Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Almond Nilk

You might already know Nilk, the plant-based and organic milk brand from MyMuesli. They already had an Oat Nilk and Super Nilk and now they’ve added a 3rd flavor to their assortment: Almond Nilk. The Nilk is vegan and lactose free and besides a good replacement for regular glass of milk, it’s also very suitable for baking. You can find Nilk recipes in Dutch here and in German here. Besides organic almonds this Almond Nilk aso contains hennep protein making it very suitable for vegans who need to increase their protein intake.

Radler cheesecake

How much fun is this? A Radler cheesecake! You can buy this mix from Home Made in the supermarket, and you can add your favorite Radler brand to the mixture. A perfect cake for summer as it’s really refreshing. And you don’t have to think long about what to drink with your cake: a radler of course!
Radler is beer that also contains lemonade and it’s called Shandy in England. Did you know that it’s named after Fahrradler, which is the German name for cyclist.

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