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Exciting times! I’ve just moved in with my boyfriend. I’ve left Amsterdam to live in Tilburg, a smaller city in the south of the Netherlands. It’s all a big change and I sure miss Amsterdam. But I’m very happy to live with my love of course and our new house is great! On this page I’m giving you a peak inside a foodies kitchen, my new kitchen.

I thought this might be a nice opportunity to show you my kitchen and to tell you more about my kitchen favorites. As a foodie, the kitchen really feels like my territory and the boyfriend didn’t have anything to say about how I arranged everything! 🙂

rosti mepal anne travel foodieFirst of all: I like to keep my counter empty and clean; I need all the work space I can get when I’m preparing meals!
I only keep some essentials that I use often and that look nice on the counter. It can be tricky to find kitchen tools that are both practical and beautiful. I’m really happy with my organizer and utensils from Rosti Mepal. The utensils are a nice touch of color in the black and white kitchen. The melamine spoons are heat resistant and dishwasher safe.

I’ve also got some wooden cutting boards on the counter. I have to admit I use them mostly as serving trays or for photographing my meals and I use a plastic cutting board to actually cut things. Pretty much everything in our house is black, white, gray or wooden. So these wooden cutting boards on the counter are a nice finishing touch. The ones pictured are from Bowls and Dishes.

tefal pan anne travel foodieI really advise you to buy some proper pans and get rid of any poor quality pans if you have them. Especially in frying pans there are big quality difference. With cheap frying pans you might end up holding only the handle instead of the whole pan, or all your food will stick to the pan. I always use pans with a non-stick coating. My favorite brand is Tefal. Their frying pans have a very helpful Thermo-Spot which indicates when the pan is warm enough. And I know from experience that they are long lasting.
I prefer to cook on gas by the way, you can actually see how high you’ve turned it and it’s easy to immediately switch temperatures.

Curious about what you’ll find inside my kitchen cabinets? A whole lot of tableware for sure! Since I became a food blogger I’ve got a very good excuse to buy all kinds of plates, spoons, cutting boards, bowls and table linen.
Also in my cabinets: a lot of healthy food! Nu sugar or butter, but oatmeal, mixed nuts and dates. My fruit bowl is always full (I love apples, kiwi’s, bananas and avocados the most) and in my kitchen you’ll always fiend vegetables and unsweetened soy yogurt.
I’ll publish my food diary in August. If you’d like to be kept in the loop you can sign up for my newsletter below.

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