De Firma Kaas: cheese in your mailbox

Good news for all cheese lovers. De Firma Kaas delivers cheese in your mailbox. The cheeses from authentic farmers are vacuum sealed and delivered to your door. You don’t need to be at home and you don’t have to drive all the way to a farm to support the small farmers.
On this page I’m telling you all about the cheese by mail from De Firma Kaas.


The cheeses from De Firma Kaas are all ‘boerenkaas’, farmer’s cheese. Please note that in America the term ‘farmer’s cheese’ is often used for pressed cottage cheese. In Dutch the word ‘boerenkaas’ means cheese from a farm. To have the name ‘boerenkaas’ the cheese has to be made on the farm itself and not in a factory.
The cheeses that you can order at De Firma Kaas all come from one of the 5 farms that they work with. On their website you can read more about the families that own the farms.
The cheeses are all made with raw milk and mostly made by hand. Unlike factories where they work with pasteurised milk. Because the milk comes from their own farm and everything is made on the same farm, you can really taste local differences between the cheeses.
By buying Boerenkaas instead of factory cheese you’re supporting the small farmers.

Cheese in your mailbox

I always love supporting small, local businesses. But it’s very time consuming to drive to different farms in your area for all your groceries. So an initiative like Firma Kaas is great for busy people like me that still want to support their local farms.
De Firma Kaas picks up the cheeses at the farms, cuts them in flat pieces, vacuum seals them and packages them. They are delivered via PostNL and the packages fits in your mailbox. So you don’t need to stay at home.
Because of the vacuum package, it’s also not a problem that they’re out of the fridge for a while.
There are three kinds of cheeses to choose from: jong belegen (young matured), belegen (matured) and oud (old).

Cheese subscription

You can get a cheese subscription at De Firma Kaas on their ‘boerenkaas door de brievenbus’. This means that you’ll get a cheese in your mailbox every other week. You can choose if you want the same kind of cheese every time, or that you want to vary. You can also choose if you want your cheese to come from the same farm every time (great for when you picked your favorite) or if you want to try them all.
You can always change or pause your subscribtion.

When you’ve got the cheese in your mailbox you can make my grilled cheese sandwich with truffle mayonaise.

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