Grilled cheese with truffle mayonaise

I’m never eating regular grilled cheese sandwiches again! With this super simple trick you turn your regular grilled cheese sandwiches into a culinary masterpiece. Excuse me for exaggerating but I’m just a big fan!
The trick is very simple; all you have to do is replace the butter that you’d normally spread on the outside of your bread by (drumroll) truffle mayonaise! I’m telling you, it adds so much flavor to this otherwise simple sandwich.

I’ve got the idea for this truffle mayonaise grilled cheese sandwich from the Beemster & Chill cookbook. This free cookbook contains 40 ‘easy and very cheesy’ recipes. I wanted to make pretty much everything from the book when I first saw it, so you can expect some more recipes from it in the coming weeks.
The food photography in the book is beautiful and all recipes are easy to make. You get the Beemster cookbook for free if you buy 2 pieces of Beemster Herfstkaas (autumn cheese) at Coop, Deen or Jan Linders supermarkets. From November 15 you also get it at the Albert Heijn supermarkets.
You can also find many cheese recipes on the Beemster website.
Below I’ve written the recipe of this next level grilled cheese sandwich that I got from the Beemster & Chill cookbook. The original recipe contained ham, but I replaced it with tomato for a vegetarian version.

Grilled cheese with truffle mayonaise

Ingredients (for 1 person):
2 slices of (sourdough) bread
2 slices Beemster Belegen cheese
1 tomato, sliced
1 tablespoon truffle mayonaise

Top a slice of bread with a slice of cheese, the tomato slices and another slice of cheese on top.
Warm a skillet on medium fire. Spread the truffle mayonaise on both outsides of the sandwich. Bake the grilled cheese sandwich golden-brown in 6-8 minutes (turn halfway through).

Click here for another great variation on the classical grilled cheese sandwich. 


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