Food News August 2020

Every month I’m keeping you posted about new items and food products that became available in the Netherlands. On this page I’m sharing all my favorite food news from August 2020.
This month several great new food products came out again. Never want to miss any food news? Like my Facebook page or subscribe to my monthly newsletter at the bottom of the page.

Win: Hagelswag

You can now WIN a package of Hagelswag chocolate sprinkles! They have several different flavors, but it’s all real and fair-trade chocolate. These chocolate sprinkles are great instead of ‘hagelslag’ on a sandwich but you can use them for all kinds of other things too like cake toppings. 
You can win a set with several Hagelswag flavors by subscribing to my newsletter below. Let me know in the comments below why you’d want to win this Hagelswag package.
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Jouwbox Amber Albarda

The new Jouwbox is launched! This time Ralph Moorman has created it together with food coach Amber Albarda. In the box you’ll find all kinds of things to take good care of yourself. In this edition you’ll find: cacao powder from Mattisson, green tea from I do!, African black soap from Natural Heroes, deodorant from Erica, an autumn mask from Mudmasky, white toothpaste from Oolaboo, vegetal oil from Piroche, a shampoo bar from Bee Honest cosmetics, hand cream from Seacret and Okinawa minerals from The Health Factory. The box has a total value of €160,-. But you can order it for only €49,95 and if you’re a member you even get a 10 Euro discount so you’ll only pay €39,95. Click here to order the JouwBox.

Face Mask

It’s not really food related, but as I try to live as sustainable as possible and we all need to wear face masks when we’re traveling, I did want to point out these great face masks. Reusable face masks are much better than single-use ones of course, as the garbage leaves a big impact on the environment. And most reusable face masks look much better than the disposable ones. These face masks from Hempishop are made from 100% hemp. Hemp is more sustainable than cotton because it needs much less water and it’s stronger so it’ll last longer. The face masks from Hempishop are made from organic hemp. Click here to order your sustainable face mask.
Hempishop also sells other hygienic products like hygiene spray and soap.

Luces Backyard Festival

Do you already know the Spanish wine house Vinas del Vero? One of their wines is called Luces. It literally means ‘lights’ and the wines are an ode to the blue Spanish skies and the bright sun. They’re available as white, rose and red wine. All three wines are made with three grape varieties each, so they’ve got a rich flavor. The wines are great to create your own Backyard Festival. Now that we can’t go to big music festivals this year, we’ll just create one in our own backyard. Click here for the Luces Spotify Playlist for your backyard festival!

Hemelse Stenen

These Hemelse Stenen (‘Heavenly Stones’) are a chocolate specialty from Amsterdam based chocolatier Arti Choc. They’re roughly cut ‘stones’ made of soft chocolate and garnished with roasted nuts and pure cacao. Arti Choc has had their chocolatier on the Koninginneweg since 1997, but they opened op another shop in a monumental building on the Molsteeg in Amsterdam at the end of 2019. In the shop you can see big piles of the Heavenly Stones. All the chocolates are made by hand and you can also order them online.

I’ll be adding more food news of August 2020 later this month.

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