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I always take good care of myself and I hope that with my blog I inspire you to do the same. Taking care of yourself can be done in many ways. Eating the right foods is a big part of it. But there are many other ways to take good care of yourself, for example by doing the things you love to do (for me that’s traveling and going out for dinner for example). Making sure you move enough is another way’ I do yoga at least once a week and I cycle more than 30 minutes each day.
But there’s one thing that I want to do more often and that’s to get a massage or a skincare treatment. I’m not the kind of person that spends a lot of money on how I look (I believe in natural beauty), so I never went to a beauty salon or something like that. But the other day I went for a facial treatment and a massage at Fuzz-et in my hometown Tilburg, and now I’m convinced that I want to do it more often. And I want to recommend everyone to do the same. In a world where we’re always taking care of others and it’s hard to find some me-time; this is something you should treat yourself to! And to help you with it, I’ve arranged a 5euro discount for you if you book your massage or facial treatment at Fuzz-et. Read all about Fuzz-et and how to get this discount on this page.

I went to Fuzz-et (derived from the word fuzzy) in the Reeshof, a neighborhood in Tilburg. Fuzz-et is the practice from Erica Tijssen. She was schooled as a massage and skincare therapist in England where she lived at the time. She didn’t stop educating herself there, she has followed many courses and trainings ever since, like a dermatologie specialization or NLP coaching. As she’s trained in so many area’s, there are also many reasons to visit Fuzz-Et.
She offers make-up workshops, massages, waxing, EFT coaching, manicures, threading… you name it!

I went for a massage and a skincare treatment. We started with the skincare treatment, that you can also do together with a friend by the way. Every treatment is different as she adjusts her actions to your face. Each face has different needs and different reactions, so Erica will only do what’s good for your skin. Besides the result (my skin felt clean and soft for days), the treatment itself is already a reward for the busy life I live. It’s not often that you take this much time for yourself and that you don’t have to do anything, or worry about anything. Erica makes you feel at ease and comfortable so you can really enjoy the treatment.

After the facial treatment I got a relaxing massage. There are many types of massages you can get at Fuzz-et, she even offers Hawaiian or Japanese massages! She has special back massages for pregnant women, therapeutic massages and even a chocolate massage! I went for a regular back and shoulder relaxation massage. I can’t express how wonderful it was. I felt so relaxed and taken care of during the massage. I’m sure that a massage like this isn’t only beneficial for the body but also for the mind.

Because I want you to take good care of yourself as well, I’ve arranged that I can give you a €5 discount on your next facial treatment or massage! Just mention Anne Travel Foodie when you book your treatment and you’ll get a 5 euro discount!
Spoil yourself and book your massage or treatment at Fuzz-et.
The discount is valid until July 1st 2018.

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