Soy yogurt with grilled peaches and buckwheat

I love to inspire people on Instagram but I also use it to get inspired. One of the people I follow is Linda from ‘Lekker Eten met Linda’. She makes delicious dishes and has very pretty food pictures.
The other day she made a good looking breakfast with grilled plums and roasted buckwheat. It looked so tasty that I decided I wanted to make it too!
Unfortunately my farmers market didn’t have plums so I went for flat peaches instead. You can find Linda’s recipe in Dutch on her website, and I wrote down my take on her recipe in English on this page. This breakfast bowl is vegan and gluten free! Scroll down for the recipe of soy yogurt with grilled peaches and buckwheat. 

grilled peach vegan breakfast bowl

Recipe Soy yogurt with grilled peaches and buckwheat
The recipe is for one portion.
2 tablespoons buckwheat
1 tablespoon almonds, coarsely chopped
2 peaches (or prumes if your farmers market has them)
200 grams of unsweetened soy yogurt or low-fat quark

Toast the almonds and buckwheat in a skillet without oil. Let it cool.
Cut the peaches (or prumes) in half. Warm a skillet or grill pan and grill the fruits for a few minutes.
But the yogurt in a bowl and top with the toasted buckwheat and almonds and the grilled peaches.
Enjoy your brekkie!

vegan breakfast bowl grilled peach (1)

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