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In general, I’m able to eat very healthy. I always make myself a nice, healthy  breakfast, lunch and dinner. The danger is: snacks. Especially  around 4 pm I get an appetite for a snack. I’ve noticed that it’s very difficult to buy a healthy snack at most locations. Most gas stations or shops at train stations only sell high calorie, unhealthy snacks. And supermarkets only sell big packages, risking that I’ll eat two or three snacks instead of the one that I planned. And especially since I’m doing a vegan-challenge (no meat or dairy products) it’s even harder to find a suitable snack. I’m sure that people who don’t eat gluten face the same problem.

If you recognize this dilemma, I’ve got good news for you! You can order a box filled with healthy, individually wrapped snacks online!
In the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany my favorite option is BoxBites. In the USA you have Healthy Surprise and in the UK you have Graze. If you live somewhere else, you can google to find healthy box deliveries in your country.

BoxBites send me a box with healthy snacks to try out. It’s really nice that they have a big variety of snacks. If you order your own box, you can choose which snacks you want. But I told BoxBites to just send me a selection of their favorites.
I was very surprised to see that all the snacks in the box were gluten free and vegan! Hurray! And they were all very delicious, from dates from Yogi Yousef, to a Nakd bar and nut mixes. You can order a separate box or take a monthly or bi-weekly subscription. From now on you can eat a healthy snack in the afternoon which is easy to take with you!


Click here for all my recipes for healthy snacks and starters.

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